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How to deal with post-waxing rashes

post-waxing rashes

Post-waxing rashes is a common problem in both men and women. We try to present here some ways which can help you to prevent the growth of post-waxing rashes.

The first set of tips

  1. Exfoliate your skin – Gently exfoliate your skin before you go for waxing. You can use a mere mild shower gel and rub it with your washcloth. This would help you get rid of the follicles of oil and its debris. If your skin is not cleaned properly before waxing, it might bring the oil and its debris onto the surface of your skin which blocks the pores and takes the form of pimples. If, within hours of waxing, you notice a red rash appear on the waxed surface, you have not exfoliated or cleansed properly prior to the hair removal process. As a result, the dead skin cells and the oils have contaminated the delicate skin of your face. Similar to the pimples on the face, post-waxing pimples must not be tampered with. Tying to pop them would only worsen the situation by spreading the bacteria. Instead, you should use a cotton ball to apply a gentle antiseptic, for example witch hazel. Do not ever touch the area.
  2. Choose your clothing carefully – In case you are staying in an environment which makes you sweat, be careful to choose cotton clothing.
  3. Try to apply some heat – Take a warm and not hot shower or bath. You can also apply a warm compress before you start waxing. This will open up the pores of your skin and soften it at the same time, thereby making way for the hair follicles which would then come out easier. This not only reduces the pain, but also helps prevent irritation which you feel due to the wax pulling onto your skin.
  4. Fight the post-wax pump –Before waxing, you can apply a Solution which prevent the bump and stop them from appearing altogether. Continue to apply the product for an entire day after waxing or go according to the instructions that have been provided in the cover of the product. Hydrocortizone cream is an option that most people should keep handy. It will always help soothe the irritation and any itchiness that comes with it.

Other Helpful tips

  1. Use different brands of wax to see which suits you better. Hard wax is applicable in the legs or underarms as it should be applied on your rough skin. On the other hand, cream wax is advisable for the delicate skin of your face.
  2. Stick with the waxing brand that suits you best. You will see the waxing bumps go away with time as you keep on using the waxing brand that suits you best. Your skin would adjust to it when you continue waxing with the brand on a regular basis. Most skin products are sensitive and may vary from one person to the other. Hence it is very important to choose the right product that suits you best.
  3. You must not apply any kind of lotion just before going for a wax. It would interfere with the working of the wax and reduce its effectiveness, thereby causing skin rashes.
  4. In case you are waxing at home, go and buy a really good pair of tweezers so that you can remove your stubborn hairs. As they would not need waxing, you would not have to keep on applying wax multiple numbers of times on the same area. Continuous reapplication of wax and hair removal from the same area repeatedly would hurt the skin and aggravate the situation.
  5. After every hair removal process, apply aloe vera gel. This would help you to hydrate your skin and rejuvenate it at the same time. It will help reduce the redness of the skin and minimize the skin rashes as much as possible. In order to get a higher concentration of aloe, you can cut a piece straight from the plant. Then make a paste out of it and apply it directly to your skin. You will be able to find aloe vera plants anywhere.
  6. You will mostly go for hair removal through waxing at a beauty spa or beauty salons around you as it is a basic beauty regime that most go for. However, please be careful that they do not use cheap wax on you. For waxing, going for less expensive products is not advisable. It is your responsibility to make sure that the spa or salon and the beautician does the waxing under all possible healthy and sanitary conditions available. If possible, it is always better to ask for a new pot of wax. This should help you to maintain the basic hygiene.The underlying message remains that you need to keep your skin clean and breathing before you go for waxing. Do not overexpose it to moisture or heat before waxing. Maintain hygiene and make sure that you use suitable wax for all the different areas of your skin. Do not be harsh on your skin and wax one area once or twice only.

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