The Experience of Self Realisation


Self realisation is a very important part of everyone’s life. Each and every individual goes through this phase at different points in life. Some go through it while they are still young and some others go through it at a very old age. This differs from person to person. You are living your life in an illusion until you have realised yourself. The term self realisation cannot be explained in words. It is a feeling that each person goes through and has his or her own personal definition of it. Life begins to feel like a present, a jewel after one has realised themselves.

Though, life may seem to be a very long time, it is actually short. For, one doesn’t fulfil everything even after 100 years. It is therefore always alarming that life will come to an end at any point in time. You don’t need a priest to realise yourself. You will have to work your way through it. Once you have been through the feeling of self realisation, life will seem like a happy and satisfied thing. You will not have wants, expectations and desires from life anymore. All you need to do is, compile your thoughts and talk to a knowledgeable and spiritual person. It may or may not lead to self realisation.

Yes, You will Change

Self Realisation

Yes, self realisation is going to change you but in a good way. You will feel empty and light once you have been through self realisation. A large number of people go through self realisation but not many recognise the transition. Simply reading spiritual books or blindly following a god or a spiritual leader will not lead you anywhere. You need to have an inner connection with god, in order to enjoy the benefits of self realisation. You might come across people who have been through the process and you will be able to feel the soothing calmness that exists around them.

Yes, the changes that come through self realisation will come to you as well, as and when the process begins. These changes shall enter into you without any warnings. However, the feeling of self realisation is very special. It is something more private than love. Hence, one cannot share or describe this feeling to anyone else. N matter, if it is the person that you are closest to. One need not go to a village or a mountain in order to gain self realisation. This feeling can pop into you even in a busy city. Once it creeps in, you will find yourself to be very precious and will feel at home any and everywhere.

Self Realisation – When it Sets in

Self Realisation


There is no guaranteed step by step process through which you can achieve self realisation. It will just come. Yes, you will have to put in a whole lot of effort on your part in order to imbibe it. This effort is the most difficult phase of self realisation. However, once it is done, nothing can be better than that. There are many people who will show you the way and tell you how to go about it. None the less, self realisation is something that you will have to achieve with your own efforts. Sometimes, self realisation will happen in a go and sometimes, it will happen in phases. This depends on the kind of person you are and the amount of effort that you are willing to put in.

Once you have realised yourself, you are going to be happy all the time. You are not going to have to do anything in order to feel happy. You will just feel happy naturally. However, when on the path of self realisation, it is necessary that one doesn’t take pleasure in the happiness. For, when one goes through self realisation, one is free of attachments. If one takes pleasure in happiness then, one shall get attached to it. This is not the right way to attain self realisation. One must learn to let go and still be happy. This is one of the biggest signs of self realisation.

When one has truly realised themselves, there will be absolutely no desires of the heart. One shall be happy and content with whatever they have. This way sadness will never creep into them and they shall have had realised themselves. Self realisation only comes to god fearing people. It isn’t a trait that can be enjoyed by any and everyone. Also, one becomes absolutely free of any attachments once they have attained true self realisation. When there are no desires and no bondages, there is no cause for sadness to come into picture. Hence, be free, be happy, be detached and attain your own self. Your happy self!

Remember not to take pleasure in your newly found happiness.

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