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The significance of planning in achieving success


Whether it is a birthday party, wedding reception or life in general, planning is crucial. Here is why you should plan everything and why exactly it is so important.

If anyone has ever been involved in planning an event, perhaps a school play or drama or a party, you would have realized how important and crucial it was that everything went according to your plans so that everything went as exactly as you had planned?

Action Plan

People who fail to plan do plan to fail. Without a plan, all our ambitions are just dreams to wish for. How will we ever set forth in achieving our ambitions if we are on a different path, doing different things and dreaming about something altogether? Lamenting and whining are the key results of dissatisfaction in life but what do we ever achieve after the time is gone forever, never to come back? Why not plan our route of action in the first place? Here is why you should plan things in order to get where you want –

How to Acheive Success

  • It defines your ambitions – When you plan, you are giving your dreams and ambitions a structure and a definition. You are acknowledging them and you are taking the first step towards what you really want. Without a plan, your dreams are empty wishes and will make for empty conversations later in life when you are an unhappy soul, dissatisfied with life.
  • It gives you direction – If you have no plan, it is more likely you will be led astray and move in circles. Planning lets you know where you want to go in life and how you will actually reach there. It gives you a more meaningful existence to lead and gives you focus on what you want to achieve instead of concentrating on the negative aspects of life. When you have a dream, you are a person having an incredible fire burning within you.
  • It puts you in control – It is o use lamenting over spilled milk later in life and cursing your destiny. When you plan everything, you are in control of all the things. Rather than relying on circumstances which can easily fail you, you have your own certainty that they won’t and things won’t fall apart because you are the one controlling them and no one else.
  • It provides you peace – A person without a dream merely exists, he doesn’t live. Having a dream and a plan provides a whole new meaning to your existence. You have a goal in mind and you are easily working towards it with a plan. If you do not have a plan, you lose focus and panic at the minor step backs . Planning provides you mental peace of mind where in you control things so you do not worry much about the consequences, if they will be bad.
  • It gives you passion – The poorest man in the world is the one without a dream. When you have a dream, you have a passion . With each day that you live, with each step that you take, you know that you are working towards making a vision that you wish for yourself in future a reality. It lends a different meaning and brings passion to your life. You do not have to resort to any other thing to gain pleasure, you dreams and the plans of achieving them are enough. We see so many people leading empty lives , like even though they have things working their way do not know what the future will bring nor have any interest to know it. Do not fall into that category.
  • It means you are serious – When you share your ambitions with someone, it is just idle conversation about what you would like to do in your preferred future. You indulge in idle chatter, have a few laughs, sigh on what you all can do and leave it at that. When you get up the next morning, you return back to your lives, which seem mundane and ordinary and so devoid of joy. The conversation has been forgotten long back. No one paid any seriousness to it and never gave it another thought. But when you plan towards achieving what you thought was just a dream, it actually means you are serious about achieving it. The next time you indulge in the same conversation, people will also realize that you were actually serious about what you want to achieve. What’s more, with a few right heads combined together, you might just hit on a fresh perspective and perform even better.
  • It sets things in motion – When you plan, you are actually setting the wheels of fortune to work for you in motion. You will be surprised to find how the universe actually throws things your way when you plan things beforehand.

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