The right time to act is now

If we keep waiting for the perfect time to arrive in order to take action., chances are it will never arrive at all. The reasons why you need to know that the perfect time for anything to start is right now.

The right time to act is now

We hear a lot of quotes where in it is said ‘we should bid our time’ and ‘strike while the iron is hot’. They are all true and we should indeed follow them as we set forth on a journey to achieve what we desire. However, these quotes peak about ‘the right action’ not ‘the right time’ as so many of us commonly misunderstand. The right time to start anything is ‘right now’! There is no thing such as a right age or a right time to do anything. If you want to bid your time, do that but only if you have taken the necessary steps to achieve the long-term vision you have in your mind. Without it, there will be no hot iron to strike at, at all.


Here is why you should start taking action for the positive right now instead of keeping it for later-

  • You will end up procastinating – Ever wondered why you did not fix the cabinet door that just needed a few fixes here an there because you did not do it right away? Ever wondered why you forgot to take out the garbage because you thought ‘you will do it later’? These everyday matters go on to say about a lot of our whole lives in general. When you put off something that you ought to have done right away, you end up procastinating and never doing it at all. Household chores are fine for a time being but can you let garbage pile onto your lives day by day an not cleaning it? Of course not! The right time is now to take action.
  • That nagging thought – When you have an issue pending and you are not tending to it right away and instead concentrating on other things, you will neer be able to enjoy the other things. There will always be a thought at the back of your mind causing you restlessness because you know you ought to take care of it but have not.
  • A waste of time – “You may delay but time will not”- Benjamin Franklin. As you go on postponing your work and dreams and keep waiting and delaying everyday, you will find that while waiting for the right time, it passed away right in front of your eyes and you never even realised it. Time is an asset to you, something that you should utilize fully to your advantage and is of no waste when it is gone. It is only sensible for us to make use of it then and there. It is a bank which does not carry forward your balances to the next day and ask you to use that valuable resource at that time itself. Learn to work time in your faour instead of thinking the time is ‘just not right’.
  • A life of regret – We see people around us whine and cry all day saying they are having ‘a bad day.’, ‘time is not going right’. Learn a lesson from these people to teach you why you have to take action rightaway instead of waiting and potponing. Talk to your elders. Most of them will tell you stories about wasted opportunities and regrets they have now because they did not take action the right time. They preferred to wait and realised the moment passed. Perhaps it was the age, perhaps a relationship, perhaps financial conditions. They failed to take destiny in their hands and can now just ponder over ‘what ifs’ and ‘what coul have been’. Do not fall into this category, later in life you will be thankful for you never let go waste an opportunity.
  • Get rid of laziness – You are never going to achieve anything if you just sit there. Get up and get rid of your laziness in doing things. Envision yourself in your preferred future and use reminders all over the house where you can see them. Adopt a healthy lifestyle.
  • Your destiny in your hands –

    Destiny  in hand

    Crystal balls , talking parrots, fortune cookies all make for good entertainment, but they are just that-entertainment. Never consider them to foresee the future for you. Your thoughts and actions define your future and nobody else has the power to predict what you do except yourself. Take your destiny in your hands and take positive action for the ambitions and dreams you have inside you. You will be the only one who has the power to make them true. No amount of offering to the heavens above will be able to provide you anything else.

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