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5 – Effective steps to stop procrastinating and start working

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Distractions are part and parcel of life. It isn’t hard to get distracted when you have so many interesting things online. When we let ourselves distracted by them, they make us lazy, experience negative emotions, and we end up managing our time poorly. In all such cases, it leads to procrastination. These affect your productivity causing damage to your life in the long run. Those wanting to remain productive must know how to stop procrastinating and start working.  Below are certain ways that would help you in bringing an end to this habit and get going with things.

1. Find out the real reasons

Stop ProcrastinatingIt is critical to understand the problem before finding the right solution to it. When you want to stop procrastinating and start working, you need to know why you are not in a mood to study or work. Sometimes, the reasons can be as simple as wanting to take a break. However, procrastination may also be the result of some complex factors like disliking your job or even a fight with a friend. As you understand your reason for procrastination, you can devise the right strategies to overcome this problem.

2. Deal with your fears

Fear can be a major factor driving you to delay doing things. Whether you have a fear of being erroneous or of failure, challenge it and motivate yourself to achieve your goals. If you feel that fear is keeping you away from what you are capable of achieving, you should motivate yourself to face it, or you should ask someone else to motivate you. There is no going forward when you are afraid of what lies ahead.

3. Overcome the obstacles systematically 

As it is difficult to get started, you will have to remove all obstacles on your way and systematize the way you work. Find out strategies that can help you get rid of obstacles or keep you away from distractions. Make yourself jump into the situation, and you will soon find the situation improving as you move on with your task. You should set your priorities for which you may create a To-Do list daily. Set deadlines for the accomplishment of tasks.

4. Streamline your projects

Many times, people procrastinate because they simply get scared of the size of their projects. To overcome this problem, you can break down your work into manageable portions. For instance, if you have to write a long paper with multiple chapters, divide your work per each section and complete one section per day. This way, you will not even get to know when your work becomes non-intimidating.

4. Develop an uninterrupted work environment

To avoid distractions that make you postpone tasks, build the right environment to work. Be disciplined to keep yourself away from social media, television, friends, noise, and gadgets. While it may be difficult to avoid the temptation, you will find it worthy after task completion and will be proud of yourself to have done it.

For example, your colleagues may be requesting your attention while you work in an office cubicle. However, on many occasions, you may tell them politely that you will reach them to talk later. You may also divert your calls to voicemail until you have a minute. Such little tricks can save a lot of your time. Later, you will find that you actually have extra time to give to your friends, colleagues, and family.

4. Reward yourself and celebrate small victories

To stop procrastinating and start working, set a reward policy for yourself. When you complete a task without thinking of procrastinating it, celebrate this small victory and reward yourself by doing anything you enjoy. You may play a video game, watch a movie, or chat with friends on social media. Even your small accomplishments motivate you to be more confident and eager to handle more complex challenges.

Final Words

You cannot stop procrastinating and start working unless you have removed your fears, obstacles, and distractions. These are the only hindrances that keep you from achieving your true potential and from getting the true enjoyment from your work.

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