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What does it mean to live in the moment?

live in the moment

If you give time to yourself, sit still and observe your mind. You would definitely notice one thing. It rarely calms down. It wanders through different horizons of life, sometimes to a long lost past and sometimes to an extremely distant future. What is extremely hard to do is to live in the moment, and to focus on the present, on the now. But, in order to fully control your life, it is one thing you should do.

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The present moment is elusive

While the concept of present moment sounds extremely simple, it isn’t as easy as that. Most of those who really make an effort to seize it, usually fail in the endeavor. Some turn to religion, some others to philosophy, and some to passion, some to sports and some to books just to be able to find themselves in the present. Very few of these people find success in doing so.

The future remains unknown to us and there is no way one can find their destiny in advance. Moreover, time is not a real concept and you don’t really know how many passages of time exist in the universe.

A theory also suggests that the past, present and future all exist in harmony in the same universe. This theory has been presented by Dr. Bradford Skow of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Dr. Skow is a philosophy professor in the institute. He came up with a term called block-universe in order to explain this theory. And as per him, ‘block-universe’ is the space where all 3 concepts of time co-exist.

Can you perceive time?

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Almost every one of us wants to visit time or see time. In the year 2010, artist Marina Abramovic sat still in the New York’s Museum of Modern art for nearly 8 hours. The visitors wandered past the artist. The concept was that she was neither a part of time that has gone by nor was she engaged in something thus, utilizing time.

She was the present and wasn’t a part of time as such and hence, she was ‘time’ itself. Thus, she was an experience to remember. It is said that there is a 3-second chink in which one can experience the future or the past and the metronomes do not fall into rhythm beyond these 3 seconds. Hence, we are always in waiting. It is indeed an interesting concept of time.

We cannot ignore the future

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None the less, it is hard to not venture into the past or worry about your future. After all, it is very human to want to shape the future. However, should one forget to live in the moment and completely live for the future?

It is then natural that you worry about the future and sometimes be surrounded by the panic of negative feelings. Plus, if you don’t break out of your comfort zone, you will definitely regret a lot of things. It is indeed a confusing proposition about what you should be doing.

Well, the best advice anyone can give you is to follow your gut and make the best choices for yourself. After all, what you do now is only going to help you in the future. As they say, your destiny is in your hands and could anything be further from the truth?

Living in the Moment

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Whatever you do for the future, you cannot deny the fact that happiness lies in the present. Thus, enjoy the moment and forget the rest. Try to stop your thoughts from wandering all over the world. Clarity of thought not only helps you live better but it also helps you succeed.

Believing in this would help you to improve your concentration levels to quite an extent. For, now, your full attention is on the present. This is hard but can be achieved with some effort. All you have to do is channel your entire energy into a singular task at hand. This indeed is the true meaning of living in the moment.

Let go of your past!

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In order to live in the present, you need to stop mourning about past and truly live in the moment. Moreover, your life will be a breeze once you start living in the now. After all, why should you mourn over something that cannot be changed?

The past is gone and what is there is the present and you will have to make the best possible use of it. This also clears you emotionally as you are no longer struggling with the emotions of the past. Moreover, what is the sense in mourning over the past? It is only wise to move on and enjoy the present!

It isn’t impossible to live in the moment

It is not all that easy to live in the moment but that doesn’t mean it impossible. There are definitely ways through which you can push out thoughts of the present and the future, and concentrate on the now. Focusing on your diet and your routine are two things that can make an immense difference.

You can only seize the moment by trying not to seize it. Once you are actually not trying is the moment you have truly achieved it. It might sound puzzling right now, but one day, if you are lucky enough, you would find out that, it actually isn’t.

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