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Being Totally Present: A way to get stimulate happiness and success in life

get stimulate happiness

Being totally present is living the moment without letting your mind wonder. It is a situation when you have a clear mind and know what you want. Most people find it hard to focus on the task let alone keeping their thoughts in control. There are hardly moments when you find it easy to concentrate and give your full attention to things you do.

Fully present in moment

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Your full emotional, physical and mental presence can help you lead a happy and successful life. Emotional presence means you are truly comfortable with your feelings and do not hesitate to behave accordingly. It does not mean you cry over things that make you sad or watch favorite daily TV series with tears in your eyes but it means you are not comfortable to let vulnerable side to your personality comes out. Physical presence means that you do not rush through things you do on everyday basis but fully immerse yourself in the moment. It helps you realize the true strength of your body. Being mentally present in the situation can keep you ahead of all your competitors even if you are one of those people who have an average IQ level.

Being present in the moment work wonders

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It is not difficult to cultivate happiness for those who keep themselves present in the moment. It is more like living life as it comes to you. You are able to put in your best efforts since nothing seems to divert your attention anymore. Even distractions helps you relax your mind and help you get back to your job with equal vigor. Life could be so much fun when you take out all needless worries from your mind and deal with only one problem at a single time. For example, even a cup of coffee can give you immense pleasure if you do not have thousands of insecurities on your mind.

Find your passion and pursue it

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You simply lose track of time when you do what you love to do the most. Your passion takes you miles away from the real world and helps you attain eternal bliss. Passion not only help you unlock you true potential but also strengthen your efforts to move forward on path of success. You can also pursue your passion along with your regular job, as you only need to make some time to devote to your passion on everyday basis. Being totally present in the situation may at times help you find your passion too.

Give your undivided attention to everything you do

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The habit of multitasking keeps you from giving your best. Most people watch TV while eating their food, mess with their smart phones when they are in the middle of a meeting or listen to music while traveling. You can never keep yourself emotionally, physically and mentally present in the moment when you get involved in multitasking. Avoid multitasking to come face to face with your true self.

Change your routine

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If you observe your routine life, you could come to know that you waste a lot of time thinking over things that are completely irrelevant or thoughts that are baseless. Regrets, worries, thoughts and fear consume a lot of energy. They keep you from feeding good thoughts to your brain let alone making progress in life. Get rid of the power stealers that prove toxic for your success and happiness. Develop a routine that has no place for needless worries and fears. Make the best use of every single minute you have as time once gone never comes back.

Being totally present can help you touch new milestone in life. It helps you realize your true strengths and makes you overcome all obstacles in life.

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