Finding the man of your dreams

man of your dreams

It may be hard to take an initiative when you come across someone who seems interesting and full of life but waiting for the right time may take a lifetime. Do not hesitate to express your feeling for the person you like as good moments fly away like a butterfly.

Show that you like him

One of the best ways to indicate that you have a liking for someone is to make a steady eye contact to keep him engaged. Let your eyes do the talking and let him know that you appreciate his presence. Do not look away especially when you are talking to him as it indicates lack of interest.

Along with it, an honest smile on your face helps you convey the message. There is a certainly a difference between a causal smile and a smile that indicates you have a liking for someone, do not get confused with your own thoughts.

Make your first date memorable

Do not try to make him fall in love at once. Slip into your best dress and make sure you look comfortable. Try to look natural and keep a smile on your face. The idea is not to impress him but to enjoy yourself and to make him feel comfortable.

Do on go on sharing small details about yourself, as you certainly want to save something for the next date. Share things that make you feel good about yourself. At the same time, do not make enquiries about his finances or about his plans since that can take it in a different direction. Be yourself and take it easy.

Don’t run through it

Take your time and let him take the first step. Do not text him or give him a phone call right after the first date so that he gets a little desperate to know whether you wish to date him again or not.

Even if he calls you up, keep the conversations sweet but a little precise. After a few days, you can respond back a bit more nicely. At times, you can give him genuine compliments and make him feel good about himself.

Take it further

As time goes on and you start seeing him again, you may want to reveal your true self to make sure you two are truly compatible. Laugh at his jokes not because they are funny to appreciate his innocent efforts to make you smile. At time, you can keep your hand on his knees to show him that you are listening to him carefully. It also strengthens your bond.

Get jealous or at least pretend to be

The moment he checks out another girl in the restaurant, it’s time to show him that you are not liking it. It helps you give a clear hint that you have a true liking for him. Even when he gets a little uncomfortable when another person hits on you, it is only a positive sign. It indicates that he has strong feelings for you.

Do not expect him to be perfect

Something that most couples keep looking for in their relationship is perfection, which takes their love life in an altogether different direction. The truth is that the idea of a having a perfect soul mate means accepting your partner with all his/her weaknesses. The relationship you share with him would change with time but make sure every change adds a little more love to your relationship.

Do not let mistakes describe your relationship

They say its human to err, everyone makes mistake in life but the more you learn from them the easier it gets to be happy. It is never easy to manage love and relationship for anyone. Exercise forgiveness as it takes your love a long way. Make beautiful memories together and collect happy moments of everyday life.

Life is full of love and beautiful surprises when you are with love of your life. Take it easy and enjoy each moment spent together.

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