I am proud to announce that is now powered by the Google Cloud Platform and managed by Flywheel. Gone are the days when you wanted sites to load within three seconds, now they need to load instantaneously. now loads within one second, in fact within 300ms. So you no longer have to wait more than an instant to glance through our entire content – how great is that!

Why do websites need speed today?

Viewers these days want an instantaneous experience, and according to recent study, people are just unwilling to wait even 2-3 seconds for a site to load. Keeping this in mind, I decided to cater to the needs of our readers, I spoke with Flywheels happiness engineers to tackle this challenge. So now with Flywheel’s exceptionally advance infrastructure by Google’s Cloud Platform, we are faster than ever.


Did you know? We server 5mn Page views.

We actually have 14.38mn Page Views on our 10+ servers, with 46mn requests every month. This demand massive servers and high end technology. Though officially and formally we only state that Dr Prem Guides and Magazines have 5mn page views, rightly so because all traffic on the internet is not human traffic, here is a screenshot by Cloudflare which will give you an exact picture of total page views on sites managed by us. Not all our sites are on Cloudflare, also we have many sites unlisted from our network, but together we server over 5mn page views. Impressive, isn’t it? alone has over 100,000 articles and all our guides and Web Magazines combine to have over 250,000 articles focusing on life improvements topics.

Our associated websites receive millions of viewers every day spending considerable time in website engagement. Because we are committed to provide life improving experience with our exceptional content, I guess user experience also play important role. Of course, all our 50+ web magazines have a very high ranking and great content but with new speed parameters, I am sure users will appreciate new experience. Needless to mention, the growing number of visitors is inspiring to create new websites for further value addition to the viewers.



How did we do it?


You may have noticed your own frustration when a site takes a long time to load, and if it takes very long, you might even give up and move on to another site. High loading time or information that loads partially makes website viewing frustrating. So, how did we do it? Let’s take a look.

First, we have simplified our development process and have put efforts and brain behind every single code we put it. We simply follow lean philosophy, anything that doesn’t make sense, it should not exist at first place. Are you tempted put hundreds of tools and plugins on your page, get rid of them, just focus on what your reader want and not what you want to show them off.

Second, we have opted for Managed hosting team at Flywheel, they have made my hosting experience ridiculously easy, something that I never witnessed before in last 18 years of hosting experience. In fact, here is my tweet to support this statement. On top of that Google Cloud’s Server when managed by flywheel empowered websites helping us offer a great user experience even at low internet speeds.

Credit Flywheel


Speed with no compromise on quality


My aim is to provide a seamless, smooth user experience. User experience is significant in product development, especially on the internet. The high-competitiveness in the web-world demands improved web interaction and engagement with user-friendly and convenient features which influence the user’s perceptions. So speed of loading is an important factor in enhancing user experience.


Why the Google Cloud Platform?

To have a competitive edge, a growing number of organizations are adopting google cloud services because this is the most cost-effective, secure and flexible solution where any platform or solution could be scaled instantly.


Google Cloud offers unmatched server solutions with notable advantages on

  • Private Global Fiber Network
  • Live Migration of Virtual Machines
  • Improved Performance
  • State-of-the-art security
  • Dedication to continued expansion
  • Redundant backups 

Emphasizing enhanced user experience:


Google Cloud solutions

For valuing the engagement and interaction time of users and for taking it to a higher level, powering the websites with Google Cloud service platform seemed to be mandatory.  Now any bit of information can be accessed from the knowledge-enriched websites in the least possible time.

Earlier, a surge of web traffic at specific times of the day hindered proper website viewing. Part of the information used to load and sometimes the images didn’t come clear, which affected the audience attention. Bounce rates shoot up. But with the Google cloud services, our websites are now highly scalable and have a better ability to handle the surge of web traffic.

Google cloud platform

The double layer of caching technology, an important feature of the Google Cloud helps in faster loading of websites bypassing a number of complex time-consuming processes. Google Cloud solutions work in an auto healing environment using the best of class CDN (Content Delivery Network).


Apart from quick access to information, the users will enjoy viewing the related images and infographics clearly. The 99.99% website uptime also contributes to better audience experience in website viewing.


The Security

The upgraded website also ensures a very high user data security which is a prime concern in the cyberworld. At least, from a business perspective, this is indispensable.  Enhanced data security enables handing of thousands of concurrent connections that certainly help our business goals.

Google Cloud solutions


The objective of Google cloud powered websites is clear and simple – welcoming millions of more readers, giving them a satisfying web viewing/reading experience, and ensuring their data security.


We also Use Cloud flare technology to help us save from malicious traffic and attack. Did you know that 51% of internet traffic across the world is made of bots, malicious traffic and computer driven traffic. Of course, you want site to be accessed by search engine bots but you don’t want malicious traffic. So, we also dealt with this by burning our midnight oil.


Did you know Dr Prem has 10+ subdomain and over 100,000 articles?

Now, more than ever, people are visiting websites of their choice for work or entertainment or learning. To stay alive, any business which can go online has done so, or trying to do so. This global transition means that online traffic is going to increase manifolds. Web and mobile applications will be the new modes for business. This requires diversified tools and technology to manage complex business environment.


So, we opted for WordPress multisite technology to put all our guides as separate sites. For example, Dr Prem Medical Tourism Guide has separate dashboard and user interface than Dr Prem Wellness guide. Similarly, we have done for each of 10 Guide subsites. Here is list of some of our guides.



Moreover, we have Below subdomains with separate tools, technologies and servers to cater to different needs of our growing audience.


  • (URL Shortner)
  • (Ideas)
  • (Clips)
  • | My Photography | Must see it.

and many more which we use for our consultancy, monitoring and reporting businesses. Not all sites are hosted on similar servers or platform, we use multiple technologies and multiple solutions and 10+ servers.


Dr Prem Menu Item

PS:  Its Quite a task to fit all we do in a small menu item. Check it out.

What new technologies do we have now?


This amazing new feature of Flywheel cloud is now available on With the help of this feature, all my sites will now ‘heal’ themselves – i.e. issues such as server issues, slow loading, going offline and other service failures will automatically be corrected within no time. My sites will not go down, even if there are PHP issues.

I was extremely impressed with the Auto-healing feature of Flywheel, as now I can have my peace of mind, and be relieved of the hassle of issues which led to the websites not functioning as they should and their slowing down.

Now, with the Auto-healing feature, I will be able to provide my readers a service which is never down. My readers/viewers will now be able to access continuously, and as smoothly as ever without having to even think about certain issues again, as Flywheel will ‘heal’ these as soon as they occur.

This feature will be available on my entire network, so my clients too would enjoy the benefit. It will allow to serve them even better than before, as a site which is never down. For every reason this is a great asset both for us and our partners in the business.

All the millions of viewers, which are increasing every day, will be able to access my sites which are impressively resilient.

Instant scaling technology:

Another awesome feature that I will now be able to provide to all my users is absolutely zero downtime, even though we will be continuously scaling up our websites to attend to millions of new visitors.  You will never have to see a message like ‘Site being updated’ due to migration or upgradation. Our marketing success will continue to improve by leaps and bounds due to our websites’ incredible capability to scale up even though we may have extremely high traffic. Of course, excluding scheduled maintenance.



Remarkable caching technology by FlyCache:

Caching is one of the reasons why a website is slow or fast. Faster caching means faster sites. With the aid of Flywheel’s caching technology, FlyCache, the caching of our’s sites would become more efficient than ever.

Talk about speeds and this caching engine is so powerful that it makes WordPress sites incredibly fast. It works with the Fastly CDN to serve the cached content from different global POP (points of presence). Why it works so fast is that if you or any other person from anywhere in the world visit any of my websites, you will receive files which are closest to you geographically, thus reducing load time to almost nil! You will have superb high quality digital experience, wherever you may be located on the globe.

Flywheel cache is able to cache WordPress site pages when it’s required without any headache. If your website is an associated website on my network, then you will gain access to this new technology, and you can also offer ultimate user experience to your customers! And all this happens automatically, you don’t have to do a thing.

As Flycache applies caching exclusions for the common WordPress plugins, you don’t have to manually configure it or write to customer support.

With the Smart Refresh paired with FlyCache, and via, readers will be able to view the latest content, while the rest of the site is highly cached and of course, blazing fast!

To top this up we also use WPRocket, an incredibly beautiful plugin to help you make your caching experience better. This plugin has ultra-features to help speed up your site.


Better CDN/Content Delivery Network to My Customers

I am offering same technology and solutions to my clients and customer with free CDN to all my customers on the new Cloud platform. Existing customers can get the same benefit with the CDN add-on and receive free CDN during their upgrade. Our CDN now offers full-page caching, including the full HTML of the pages.

Powered by Fastly, which is the industry leader in CDN, all our websites now have vastly improved time to first byte. This means that the loading time is faster with this new functionality. The moment a user clicks on our site, he or she will be able to access our site in less than a second. This would not only improve the user experience, but also our rank in the Google search, as the responsiveness of the website is another category which is taken into consideration by Google while ranking sites.

And this does wonders for our SEO too, which in turn is great for my clients’ SEO! People are browsing the net more than ever nowadays, and it has become even more important for visibility. I am sure now that my sites will now be accessed by more readers, while they search for meaningful content.


Along with the above-mentioned offers, another feature that is on the cards is the staging feature, which I will be including on all my plans, from the smallest to the biggest.

High-availability ready:

These days, every visit to the site is critical, and my new association with Google Cloud Platform, ensures that all my sites will have high availability and high redundancy, without having to upgrade the DNS or migrating.

With all these new features, has now firmly taken the step into the future. I aim to keep on using the latest in web development to deliver the best to all my sites users. We have always been one step ahead of the rest and with our commitment to provide an effortless, smooth experience, we will continue to do so.

Please Browse through to experience the difference and if you ever have a requirement to build a website within your budget, we are here to help you out with our incredible team.

Thanks, you all for helping us becoming better every day.


Carve Your Life: Live a Great Life with Carvism is a self-empowerment book for those seeking to find their true self, find meaning in their life and lead a fruitful and successful life. The book is published by Times Group Book and was inaugurated by Actress Bhagyashree, one of the most enthralling personalities of Bollywood and Television industry.

Carve Your Life narrates Dr. Prem’s signature Carvism principles, his detailed description of ‘Self-Carving Qualities’, ways to ‘Shape Your Mind’, and the process to ‘Find Your Passion’. According to the author, our lives are nowadays choked by unnecessary accumulations, because of which we are unable to ‘uncover’ the true purpose of our life; once we do this, we will enjoy a quality life to the fullest. Hence, carving out a lean life is the only way forward.

The author, Dr. Prem Jagyasi, an award-winning global leader and acclaimed life coach, has delivered keynote speeches and conducted focused workshops in several countries. He is renowned for delivering succinct and customized Carve Your Life training programmes. In his book, he has answered readers’ queries about minimalism, productivity and tactical transformation in one’s self.

Shedding light on what inspired him to write this book, Dr. Prem Jagyasi says, ‘The art of carving one’s life through minimalism is empowering enough to bring about maximum transformation in one’s real self. My upcoming book intends to be a savior for all those who wish to find a purpose in their life, bring out their true self, and get the most productivity out of their endeavors.’

The book was launched by Actress Bhagyashree –  A Bollywood personality who is known for living life on her own terms and at the same time contributing meaningfully to the society and film industry. As per the author, she is one person who has carved her life according to her values and has practiced the concept of Carvism in true essence, hence she was the ideal personality to inaugurate The Carve Your Life Book.

In appreciation of the book, Bhagyashree said, “Sometimes we form very unrealistic definition of success. More than accumulation, it should be about contribution towards life. Follow your heart, but do it with conviction, courage, compassion and commitment. In Dr Prem Jagyasi’s Carvism principles, we can find great suggestions about how we can scrape out everything unnecessary from our lives and keep only those things that complete us, and ultimately help us in living a meaningful life.


The rising need for practical, no-nonsense books and media with relevant life-inspiring content has grown exponentially in recent decades. Carve Your Life attempts to bridge that gap and help people identify clutter in their lives, declutter their lives and then focus on the material and non-material aspects that hold and add value in their lives.

The book has been edited, published and marketed by Times Group Books (TGB), Madhulita Mohanty, Senior Editor, TGB, says about the upcoming release, ‘We are delighted to publish Carve Your Life. We believe Dr. Prem Jagyasi’s indigenously developed philosophy of Carvism will immensely benefit readers as it provides practical insight into the art of being at one’s productive best.’

About Carve Your Life Book –

 Carve Your Life offers an insight into Carvism principles, followed by self-carving qualities, which are the essential abilities you need to carve out the life you want. ‘Shape your mind’ is about using human psychology and the subconscious mind to your advantage. ‘Find your passion’ shows you the way to discover your inner calling.

Subsequent chapters provide step-by-step instructions on inculcating the true essence of Carvism in one’s professional and personal life and explain how Dr. Prem’s indigenously developed Carve Your Life philosophy can put them on the path to discovering their true selves.

The book is already available on leading online bookstores and major retail bookstores.

About Dr Prem Jagyasi

Dr. Prem Jagyasi, an award-winning global leader and acclaimed life coach, has been to 65 countries to deliver keynote speeches and conduct focused workshops. Renowned for delivering succinct and customized Carve Your Life training programmes, Dr. Jagyasi utilizes his vast experience, cultural knowledge and signature Carvism Principles to establish lively communication with his audiences. As an entrepreneur, he runs a boutique consulting and training firm and manages a thriving web magazine network with several magnificent websites on life improvement topics with the patronage of millions of loyal readers from across the globe. An authority in the field of Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism, Dr. Jagyasi also takes great delight in travel photography.



Gaining ground nowadays for a plethora of reasons, Wellness Tourism is now a $3.4 trillion industry that looks all set to grow further in the years to come. At the Indian Salon & Wellness Congress 2016, Dr Prem Jagyasi, the award winning leader, speaker, influencer, and MD & CEO – Dr. Prem & Associates, reflected upon some of these motivating factors. Aside from talking about the growth factor, Dr Prem provided the attendees with valuable insight into how individual entrepreneurs and start-ups across the country can jump on the bandwagon and establish their wellness brands with a difference. Read more

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The wellness industry is witnessing global upward transformation. Since the consumer is seeking more wellness solutions across the globe, the health industry is transforming from medical care to comprehensive integrative care solutions and real estate as well as hospitality industries are coming up with more innovative wellness hotel concepts. Dr Prem is going to deliver keynote to share some global facts and figures along with key success strategies to develop wellness business in India.