Today’s health conscious populaces are more than just aware of the glaring wellbeing issues that surround them. Such knowledge triggers a desperate need among nations to fill the essential niche of global healthcare through Medical Tourism.

With privileges such as expanding infrastructure, improvised communication and wide-ranging conduits, the global healthcare industry is all set to develop at an intense pace over the next decades. The power of information at the health-seeker’s fingertips has also paved limitless capacities and shrunk the world into one global village.  Small wonder that the number of people in quest of healthcare facilities overseas now runs into millions each year.

As more and more people continue to be convinced about the quality and perceive the advantages of treatment in developing countries, the countries proffering such treatment should keep in mind certain essential components that attract tourists who not just popularize the treatment destination but also add to the national per capita.

Hence, I am doing in-depth research on what are essential components of a good medical tourism destination. Finding of my research reports will be published soon in an international magazine.

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Dr Prem Jagyasi |