Remember those days without technology, only way for marketing was word of mouth marketing, with modern busy lifestyle we hardly socialize in person. But we do get in touch with friends, family, relatives, colegues and even lovely strangers through social media, this trend gives great tool for all marketing professionals as social media is modern way of word of mouth marketing.

businessman with financial symbols coming from hand

Twitter, facebook, YouTube, myspace, linked or any social media allow you to express your opinion, experience or knowledge freely, with this you spread your words, other read about you while you read about them at the same time. Its not spoken but certainly it is written word of mouth marketing element In marketing personal opinion of your network play an important role as we human being rely more on individuals experience / opinion / knowledge more than any advertisement or promotion. Isn’t this new trend is going to change the way we market product, services or even ourselves.

Isn’t social media is modern way of doing word of mouth marketing.

Agree or disagree. Share your views and thoughts.

Dr Prem Jagyasi
Chartered Marketing Consultant

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