A business plan is a very important measure for the growth of any start up organization. To define it technically, we can say that it is an official documentation of the goals, objectives, strategies, product life cycle, and advertisement components associated with the product of a business. It is a strong business plan that can help you fetch right kind of investors and lump sum investments in general. Read more

For any startup, venture time is of critical importance. As an entrepreneur you need to get into any emerging market at the right time just when it is rising to make the most of it while getting in early can mean failure. Those who delay have to stay out while the startup venture entering the market in time reaps the benefits. Read more

At the time you decide to create your own startup venture, the essential thing is to comprehend how venture capitalists evaluate other startup ventures. VCs are doing it for several years now and you need to follow them to assess how good your startup is. It is not that your startup cannot succeed if you do not meet their criterion but it can certainly help if you can follow some of their guidelines. Venture capitalists consider various things to decide which startup they will invest in. Let us look at some of the points they generally take into consideration.

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There are many questions regarding scaling companies like means by which it can be possible to scale a company faster or reasons to invest in any particular activity when it is not scalable. It is important to invest in activities that are scalable but interestingly many of the useful insights originate from activities, which are considered to be unscalable.

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Every entrepreneur starts his or her business with a vision. Turning this vision into reality is their toughest challenge. Not all are capable of doing this and only a few handfuls emerge victorious in the startup rat race. Competition has increased and in many industries, market has not expanded accordingly. To capture the hearts of your target audience you must employ some clever strategies. Read more

Although it may look like any other idyllic mountain city, Boulder is an entrepreneurial powerhouse that has experienced tremendous growth in this sector over the last decade. It can be noted that this small city had at least 6 times more the number of high tech startups per capita than the country’s average. Read more

Public relations are one of the most important aspects of your business yet it is a part often overlooked until the marketing campaign is almost ready to launch. Most of the startups make the mistake of neglecting their PR strategies. They start making urgent phone call to news agencies and try to make most of their media contacts just before the launch of a product. This is a very wrong approach to this important part of business. Read more

Written by Kouzes and Posner, the book ‘The Leadership Challenge’ describes five must needed qualities for a leadership to be effective in an organization. These qualities include modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act, and encouraging the heart. Read more

How do you lead a startup? Would you want to be an authoritative power your peers look up to for advice and decisions? Or would you want to be someone they can easily approach as well as hang around with after office hours? What would be the best option for you? Read more

The name you give your new business could very well become one of its biggest assets. It would become the basic identifier for your brand in the market. Choosing a name for your startup would also require you to consider several factors, including the ones mentioned here. Read more

In today’s competitive world, the only way for a startup to attain success is to grow fast. The following tips have been shared by entrepreneurs whose startups have achieved remarkable growth in just a couple of years. According to these entrepreneurs, these points are what every startup would need to focus on. Read more