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My stay at Skopje Park Hotel – Review by Dr Prem Jagyasi

Park Hotel and Spa located amidst the wonderful surroundings in Skopje had radically changed my concept of how amazingly pleasant can a hotel stay be. This brand new property built hardly three months back offered spectacular ambience that was simply overwhelming. The word cozy would be too weak an adjective to describe the mindboggling alleviation that Park […]

Delivering My Thoughts And Experiences In 7th Health Tourism Conference in Croatia

I am delighted to receive the invitation to the seventh Health Tourism Conference scheduled to be held again in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia from 28th February ‘2017 till 3rdof March 2017. This would be a great gathering where eminent personalities in the field of medical tourism would participate from around the globe. Visitors to the conference would […]

Dr Prem to deliver keynote in upcoming Digital Marketing in Healthcare Conference in London

Scheduled on the 26th and 27th October 2016 in London, UK, the Digital Marketing in Healthcare conference will provide a common platform to professionals from Mhealth, Ehealth, insurance, pharma, healthcare, nutrition, and physiology segments. Among other eminent speakers, Dr Prem Jagyasi, CEO & MD, Dr Prem & Associates, will address a huge gathering of industry […]

Dr Prem authored Course Modules for Symbiosis Centre of Health Care

Dr Prem Jagyasi, a globally recognized speaker and authoritative figure in Medical Tourism segment, is doing great in sharing his experience with his followers on several online and offline platforms. Just recently, the Symbiosis Centre of Health Care made his well-researched and facts-based findings a part of its curriculum for students enrolled in Post Graduate […]

Franchise India honors Dr Prem’s sterling contribution to Global Wellness Tourism Industry

For quite some decades now, Dr Prem Jagyasi, the renowned Medical and Wellness Tourism expert, has been doing amazingly great in letting the world know of the concept, challenges, and potential of these comparatively new forms of tourism. Thus far, he has travelled to 45 plus countries to attend several seminars and conferences, apart from […]

Dr Prem felicitated as Guest of Honor at Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar

Laurels, appreciations and felicitations are a sure way to kindle and cheer the capable self of a leader who has always served, supported and ruled his niche professional segment with a difference. Dr Prem Jagyasi, an award winning speaker, author, global influencer and entrepreneur, belongs to the same clan of achievers, as he is now […]

Award winning leader and author Dr Prem publishes guides to Medical Tourism and Wellness Tourism

Rising global health awareness with people seeking better and convenient avenues of healthcare and wellness has led to the creation of niche wellness and medical tourism sectors, two flourishing domains in the global tourism industry. Wellness and medical tourism are most sought after ventures by the health conscious,who are keen on exploring various healthcare options […]

Live life lively – Dr Prem enjoying Elephant Shower in Kerala that brings yet another facet of tourism to the fore

Agreed that most of us are too busy with their monotonous and often uninspiring lives; hence, finding some time for things that could invigorate their senses and inspire their existence simply goes out of question. Being a diehard traveler, I find such notions quite contradictory to my idea of life. I believe in adding life […]

Corporate training promotes the sense of contribution to realize higher goals

Employee development is always one of the topmost priorities for businesses for reasons that are quite easy to comprehend. The obvious factors that corporate training sessions eye on include improving productivity, acquiring new skill sets, boosting goal-oriented endeavors, adhering to better quality standards, and of course, increasing ability to respond to change with confidence. Then […]

Dr Prem conducted lean leadership workshop at Sterling Hospital Gujarat

Lean leadership aims to radicalize the concept of traditional leadership by adding more value to it. As waste reduction and maximum productivity are at the center of lean leadership, this novel concept ensures to bring out the best in leaders by preparing them for professional challenges ahead. At a recently concluded Lean Leadership Workshop at […]

Dr Prem gets Corporate Director Certification from Institute of Directors, India

Always progressive in his approach, Dr Prem Jagyasi believes that one should not be afraid of walking around uncharted terrains and domains. Only one who is ready to face challenges can expect to grow as a person. Quite willing to get new experiences, Dr Prem has bagged several recognitions, awards, and certifications for his progressive […]