Public relations are one of the most important aspects of your business yet it is a part often overlooked until the marketing campaign is almost ready to launch. Most of the startups make the mistake of neglecting their PR strategies. They start making urgent phone call to news agencies and try to make most of their media contacts just before the launch of a product. This is a very wrong approach to this important part of business.


Public relations should be given as much importance as business development and marketing strategies. PR is one of the keys to make your marketing strategies work. If there is no goodwill for your startup in the marketplace then you cannot expect the marketing campaign to succeed.

Making and nurturing contacts and keeping the interaction alive are necessary for the success of your promotional campaign.


According to business analysts and the gurus of PR campaigns, every startup should engage in PR activities much ahead of the launch of their products. It should be an ongoing process. PR is all about being a good listener and communicator. To make your public relations efforts a success you will have to take a humane approach.

Reach out to the mass in as many different ways as possible and make your presence felt. Take six months time to create anticipation and establish the channels of communication with the prospective clients. In the initial stages do not try to involve the media. These stages have to be utilized for making your voice heard in the crowd and announce that you are now a part of the game. Start your PR campaign with your dreams.


Think about the journals, blogs, websites, newspapers and magazines where you want your products to feature. Think how great it would be to have a huge fan following in Twitter and Facebook. Do not underestimate the power of the blogs. They help a lot in creating positive brand image.

Think carefully about the image you want to project and the reception you hope to get from the customers. Make notes and points that will help you choose the right direction. Follow the favorite journalists and bloggers and find out how they are promoting brands. Use Flickr, Instagram and other websites for commenting on your specialized niche or writing about your business experience. Make our comments insightful and create interest about your expertise and knowledge.


Public relations should be a non-stop effort. Startups should engage in public relation activities from a long time in advance, rather than scrambling a campaign at the last minute.