Amazing alternative Lyme disease treatments to count on

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Lyme disease has no dearth of complications, which make diagnosing and treating this condition difficult. It is a complicated infectionprimarily caused by a tick (from the borreliaburgdorferi species) bite and mosquitoes, fleas, spiders and mites also have the potential to spread the same.

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The bacteria injected into human body by the tick have been found in the nervous system, heart, skin and joints. Early diagnosis of this infection is rare, as almost all the popular blood tests in today’s time fail to detect this disease in most of the cases.

Headaches, bowel problems, migrating pain, mood swings, sleep disorders and panic attacks are a few of the symptoms commonly seen in Lyme patients. Antibiotics are not always; in fact, they are a valid solution for a few Lyme disease cases only.

The reason behind is the high rate of antibiotic resistance that takes place when Borreliaburgdorferi bacteria causes Lyme disease. With their corkscrew shape, theypenetrate deep into the tissues and cartilage, which is why they remain safe from most of the antibiotics. Treating Lyme disease requires one to rely on a number of alternative Lyme disease treatments including these following treatments:

Herbal Therapy


Herbal therapy using natural herbs is indeed one of the most effective treatments when it comes to curing Lyme disease. Herbs enhance our body’s natural healing systems, which is in contrast to how drugs work. As different herbs have different benefits, so to have the best of all, one must use multiple herbs.


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Echinacea is renowned for its efficacy in terms of removing venom from the body of those suffering from Lyme disease. However, to know its correct dosage is of paramount importance. It is known for making people feel sick initially and then making them feel better.

Essential Oils

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Essential oils have been used as perfumes and for medicinal purposes since ages.Owing to their antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, they have medicinal use. Essential oils are strong, so taking a drop diluted in a glass of water is advised. Oregano, clove, thyme, cassia, Melissa, and melaleuca are essential oils that effectively cure Lyme disease.

One can add these to a bath or massage some of it into the affected skin. Adding a drop or two of oil in boiling water and taking its steam is also effective in curing Lyme infection and other skin problems.


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Acupuncture is all about balancing and restoring the normal flow of the life energy ‘Qi’ in human body. Just like other diseases, Lyme disease also affects the life energy. It declines Qi flow in body, which requires promoting body’s natural healing defenses. Acupuncture restores the normal circulation of life energy, thus, treating Lyme disease as well.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy


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Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is all aboutbeing in a pressurized room or tube and breathing pure oxygen.The air pressure is two or three times higher than normal inside a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. Under such condition, lungs absorb more oxygen in comparison to the time when there is normal air pressure.

The oxygen enters bloodstream and body’s capacity to fight bacteria increases. The extra oxygen that Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy allows to enter one’s body also works wonders to stimulate growth and stem cells that promote healing. The therapy is quite effective in treating Lyme disease symptoms, decrease or eliminating them as well.


Yogurt benefits

Replenishing beneficial bacteria in the gut is one of the best ways to fight Lyme disease. Often Lyme disease treatment wipes out good bacteria from one’s body, which the intake of Probiotic foods helpsto replenish. Kefir, organic yogurt and fermented vegetables are some of the sources of probiotics you can consider.

Lyme disease is a complicated disease that is hard to diagnose and tricky to treat. However, some amazing alternative treatments help.

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