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Wellness tourism is now one of the most profitable segments of tourism. The number of wellness tourists is increasing every year. As a result, the wellness tourism trainers and facilitators are coming up with new […]

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Wellness holidays are all about unwinding and restoring your life force. Spa therapies are generally an integral part of wellness vacations. Most individuals are so busy with work and household chores that they find very

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Aqua yoga is the new in-thing that everyone wants to try out. Even wellness travelers are keen on it. In many wellness resorts trainers have started offering pool yoga or aqua yoga sessions. In the

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According to the Global Wellness Tourism Congress’s Global Wellness Tourism Economy report the $439 billion dollar wellness tourism industry is growing 50% quicker than the other segments of the tourism industry. All kinds of tourism

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Visiting a yoga retreat is a rejuvenating experience in itself? So how would it be if you could combine it with a wine tasting tour of the local countryside? Absolutely marvelous, we say! And what

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A lot of us think of exotic locations when choosing a yoga and meditation retreat to unwind ourselves. However, if you stay in the U.S., you will be surprised to know that there are several

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Yoga destinations have moved on from being retreats that simply offered a range of yoga and meditation practices for guests. The more modernistic yoga retreats aim at offering more in the form of a fusion

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Wellness tourism is defined as travel done solely with the purpose of promoting one’s overall wellbeing. Although relatively new in the tourism market, wellness tourism has recorded an outstanding growth track so far. It has

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Yoga and wellness vacations have become a necessity these days to cope with the myriad stresses of daily life. If one were to opt to search for destination that has the right combination of yoga,

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Wellness travel has grown considerably over the past few years. A lot of consumers are opting for vacations that help them leave all the stresses and pressures of daily life behind as they relax the

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