Trends for the most popular wellness destinations of the world

Wellness tourism is defined as travel done solely with the purpose of promoting one’s overall wellbeing. Although relatively new in the tourism market, wellness tourism has recorded an outstanding growth track so far. It has very quickly emerged as one among the fastest growing segment of global tourism.

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The Global Wellness Tourism Economy Report currently pits wellness tourism as a $494 billion industry worldwide, and contributes only a portion to the already established $3.4 trillion worth wellness economy. The wellness tourism industry has experienced a steady growth in consecutive years as well, with an average of 13% growth recorded annually. Estimates also pit the industry to reach a worth of over $678.5 billion in the coming years.

Wellness trends to look out for in 2015

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A new list of wellness trends emerge every year, with 2015 being no different. This year, more focus is being placed on unique trends like Japanese forest bathing, use of Cannabis in spa therapies, traditional Islamic wellness trends, blue collar wellness breaks, spa on arrival and en-route, personalized wellness therapies and wellness homes/communities.

Emerging Wellness Tourism Destinations

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Here are some destinations that have emerged as promising wellness retreats that offer a range of therapies and treatments for global travelers.

Middle East

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The Middle East region has by far, experienced the biggest wellness tourism growth annually. The $5.3 billion market in 2012 is estimated to reach a worth of $16.6 billion by 2017. The region currently experiences a growth of 17% annually, with over one million wellness trips recorded every year.


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India’s Ayurveda and yoga retreats pit it as a premier destination or wellness travel. The nation’s Incredible India initiative has also reportedly increased its wellness tourism figures significantly. Affordable costs, high quality retreats and personalized services are the foremost reasons travelers flock to the country for wellness. Added to this is the nation’s focus on providing the best yoga and Ayurveda practices in the entire Asian continent. All these factors make India a promising destination for wellness tourists.


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Taiwan has also been experiencing a steady growth in its wellness tourism sector. The country has a proven track record for healthcare and wellness management, and has several high end facilities and natural additions to facilitate the same.


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Serbia offers tourists an off the grid wellness tourism destination that offers the perfect combination of natural wonders and high end wellness facilities to promote overall wellbeing. In addition to housing several wellness resorts, the nation is home to several natural hot and cold mineral springs, whose waters are used in myriad spa and wellness therapies. Affordable costs also make the destination a must visit for wellness tourists.

Sub-Saharan Africa

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The Sub-Saharan African region has recorded a dramatic increase in its wellness tourism industry. The region recorded an amazing rise in the number of trips from wellness tourists annually, with figures pointing at an average growth of 57%. The region welcomed over 4.2 million wellness tourists last year alone, recording a growth of $3.2 billion on wellness travel alone.


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Morocco is another region that has been experiencing a steady growth in its wellness tourism sector. Marrakesh in particular, has enjoyed a steady influx of wellness tourists for the past few years. The historic Moroccan Hamman experiences along with the numerous spa developments in the region allow visitors to enjoy a luxury filled, rejuvenating wellness experience they will never forget.

Another salient feature Morocco enjoys is the easy accessibility international travelers enjoy when visiting the destination for wellness purposes. The region’s high end facilities also provide a stead commitment to offering the best and most effective wellness and spa therapies in the world.

The wellness tourism industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Its rapid growth has fuelled the rise of global wellness trends as well as giving rise to several wellness tourism destinations worldwide.

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