Wellness and fitness trends to keep you in shape

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Wellness tourism is now one of the most profitable segments of tourism. The number of wellness tourists is increasing every year. As a result, the wellness tourism trainers and facilitators are coming up with new health and fitness trends to keep the consumers interested.

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Fusion fitness trainings are on the rise. People prefer hot yoga along with yoga because the former helps in weight loss whereas the latter helps in toning and rejuvenating. New varieties of yoga and other fitness trends can be learnt and relished at the popular wellness tourism hubs. A list of the top trends follows.

Paddle Board Yoga

 Paddle Board Yoga

This brand new trend originated in Rishikesh, India, which is already a popular wellness tourism destination. This variety of paddle surfing combines different moves of Hath Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga. Travelers who love a touch of adventure should go for this option.

It requires one to practice yoga poses on a paddle-board. This takes some patience and balance to master. Once you start doing it properly you will find calmness inside you and feel more energetic to take up life’s challenges. This type of yoga helps in toning and firming the middle region of our body.

Bokwa Fitness

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If you are someone who likes group activities then Bokwa is for you. This new fitness method has combined cardio workout with dance like movements. All the participants have to draw numbers on the floor with their feet. All the movements have been designed by taking inspiration from the structure of numbers and letters.

One doesn’t have to do more than enjoying the music and grooving to it. No complicated choreography is required and the participants can continue as long as they wish. The popular songs are used to make it a more interesting cardio exercise.

Aerial Yoga

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Aerial yoga is another evolved form of traditional yoga that helps in stretching and toning body parts. In this special type of workout, one has to perform yogic poses with the support of a soft fabric hammock. The Aerial Yoga takes the help of gravity to help participants gain better balancing abilities.

Practicing this yoga can also help you in feeling relaxed and happy. It also increases strength and energy levels in participants. Aerial Yoga is designed to help participants find the connection between their outer and inner self. In traditional yoga one has to be more worried about combating the gravity. This form of yoga teaches to align the body and concentrate.


Rhythmic Gymnast with Ball

Ugifit is another trendy fitness training. It involves using a squishy Ugi Ball. Generally one workout session is no more than 30 minutes long. During these 30 minutes the participants have to use the ball for balancing their body while they move their body in different ways.

The Ugi balls come in a variety of weights starting from 6 pounds. The workout has three types of movements – cardio, strength and core. It strengthens the core muscles and helps one in becoming more flexible.

Animal Flow

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Animal Flow is yet another newly emerging fitness trend that promises to offer more mobility, strength, endurance and power. Hardcore yogic trainers, fitness freaks and athletes all can benefit by practicing Animal Flow. This exercise includes both quadrupedal and ground based fitness movements. Warm-up techniques have also been combined with circuit training and skills building. By practicing it one can gain strength and flexibility.

New fitness trends have emerged in the wellness industry. People are fast warming up to the idea of doing new workouts for staying fitter. Group workouts are in vogue as well.

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