Parents should practice Yoga with their children – Here’s why


You must have seen some parents practicing yoga with their kids, or even some parents struggling to make their kids do yoga. Well, those of you who think some parents unnecessarily put in efforts to bring their kids to do yoga with them, you must change your thinking. Practicing yoga with your children is beneficial for your kids and for you as well, here’s how:

Yoga practice becomes a fun-filled session

Yoga teaches us to be calm and to rise above tensions and burdens and live a weightless life. However, when you practice yoga with your kids, the level of weightlessness increases manifold because children are untouched from the burdens and stresses of life so they are always fun. Even if you are not in a light mood, they tend to force you into a light mood and keep reminding you the importance of weightlessness. Their presence fills you up with motivating and uplifting energy.

Beneficial for kids

Children whose parents introduce them to yoga at an early age develop into focussed, happy and confident beings. Early yoga teachings help kids to be comfortable with their bodies, have mindfulness, and ability to focus that comes handy throughout their lives. Yoga develops greater self-esteem, confidence, and concentration skills in kids.

Coming to the benefits of yoga on your kid’s body, it is of paramount help for motor and neuromuscular development in children. Children are playful, so their bodies have to be flexible and strong enough to withstand minor injuries. You can make your child’s body this strong by making him practice yoga with you on a regular basis. It would not be wrong to say that yoga is of crucial importance and help for children’s overall development and immune system.

Parents get to learn from kids

Not always parents teach children but even children can teach their parents some things. Children have extremely flexible bodies that they can twist and turn their limbs in a way that can shock you. While they perform yoga, you should keep noticing their little hands, feet, fingers, and the entire body moving and try to bring half of that flexibility in your body if possible.

You should learn the effortlessness with which they perform all poses. Even more important is the fearlessness, playfulness, and fun loving nature of children that parents should try to assimilate, which can help them deal with stresses and burdens of life with utmost ease. If one learns to be happy and cheerful in every situation, it helps a person to take correct decisions every time and lead a healthy and a prosperous life.

Parental Bonding

If we keep health benefits and all the other benefits of yoga aside for a moment, what we are left with is the beautiful bond between a parent and a child. Practicing yoga with children can help parents strengthen their bond with them. For that matter , spending time with your child doing any activity is fun and it helps deepen the bond you share with your child but strengthening this bond with yoga is altogether a different scenario.

It is all about making yourself healthy and teaching your kid the same in a fun-filled way. There is no need to be strict and stern while yoga practice with kids but be friendly and cheerful, so that your kids learn to love yoga and not hate it. If you do so, you can be sure of one thing that your child will be physically fit right from an early age until the end.

There is no denying that yoga practice can get tough for parents with their kids around but considering its benefits, it is quite a beneficial gesture.

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