Spa Destinations that offer great treatments during pregnancy

spa treatments during pregnancy

Carrying a baby is a humungous task for it brings with itself bodily changes, mood swings and influx of emotions. One feels most troubled and irritated during pregnancy. The changes in moods, unrest and discomfort so attached with pregnancy have to be calmed in one way or the other. Spa treatments can be effective for pregnant women, provided the safety requirements are kept in mind.

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Some spa treatments are not practiced on pregnant women, one has to choose the right destination as well as the right kind of treatments in order to be safe and have a relaxing touch. It is nice and effective to pamper yourself while you raise a beautiful being in the belly. One has to be extremely cautious in choosing the spa destination and the spa treatments that are allowed on pregnant women. Here is the list of a few spa destinations that offer excusive services for pregnant women.

Philadelphia: Famous for the holistic spa treatments and prenatal massage that lasts almost an hour.

Cleveland: Best place to handle the emotional state of the pregnant women effectively by targeting the troubled areas like legs, back, shoulders, neck etc.

Washington D.C: This place offers various spa treatments and massages to the moms to be, once the first trimester ends.

Detroit: Getting a spa treatment here when you are pregnant requires a doctor’s consent. However, this place a lot spa centers that specialize in this particular field.

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Nashville: Mother and child massage facilities of Nashville are known worldwide for their effectiveness. Products that are used here are the safest benefitting the grown belly mums.

Seattle: Seattle is home to many a spa centers that are well known in providing safe spa services to pregnant women.

Other efficient spa locations for moms to be are Santa Barbra, St. George, Las Vegas, Chicago and many more.

Once you choose a location that offers safe spa practices for pregnant women, the next step is to know what spa treatments are the best for them and what spa treatments are to be avoided when pregnant. Few spa treatments that can be helpful during pregnancy are:

Prenatal Massage:

Prenatal Massages are of tremendous help in curbing the emotional stress and anxiety that is much common during pregnancy. However, utmost care has to be taken on the positioning after the massage to avoid compressing large blood vessels that may cause a drop in the blood pressure levels.

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In this massage therapy; pressure is applied to specific areas of hands, feet, ears etc that soothes the nerves of pregnant women. It is the best method to reduce the overall stress in the carrying mothers. These massages have to be performed by only experts as they may cause contractions.


When undertaking aromatherapy while pregnant, be sure to ask for an unscented lotion or oil to avoid the risks generated by the strong essentials. However, this therapy may work wonders for few women.

Facial Treatments:

These treatments have the element of relaxation as well as a streak that makes you look attractive. The natural glow that comes with pregnancy can be enhanced by these facial treatments. However, pregnant women have to be a little too cautious as their skin might become sensitive to certain subjectivities.

Manicures and Pedicures:

These might come as a luxury to pregnant women. The impact of a manicure and a pedicure can be massive. It helps in soothing and relaxing the heated mother to be. This clams them and makes them feel comforted and rejuvenated.


Pregnancy is a beautiful experience in itself and spa treatments add another charm to it for pampering can help work wonders for expecting mothers. Spa treatments helps the soon mums to be in having a relishing experience of their pregnancy by making them feel relaxed and light.

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