Embarking on a Life-Transformative Journey: The Farm at San Benito – A Health and Wellness Sanctuary Review by Dr Prem

Embarking on a Life-Transformative Journey The Farm at San Benito

Nestled just 70 km south of Manila in Lipa, Batangas, The Farm at San Benito emerges as a verdant oasis amidst 52 hectares of pristine jungle. This lavish sanctuary stands out as the crowning jewel of health and wellness tourism in the Philippines.

With an impressive tally of 90 awards, including the illustrious “Best Medical Wellness Resort in the World,” The Farm is a testament to the evolving global demand for holistic well-being experiences. As wellness tourism outpaces other travel sectors, The Farm’s relevance and allure only intensify, beckoning those in search of genuine transformation and revitalization.

Opened in December 2002, The Farm was much ahead of time in introducing science-backed evidence-based medical wellness practices with preventative and integrative strategies for sustainable health and well-being. This Eco-luxury, holistic wellness, and medical resort offers effective “life-transformative healing programs”that have helped many guests all over the world to achieve optimal well-being and enjoy life better.

What makes The Farm at San Benito a destination for well-being? Let’s explore deeply.

Location and Surroundings

facilities at The Farm at San Benito

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Once a jungle of coffee plantations, it has been a magical transformation of the Farm to a destination of wellness! Thanks to the scientists, researchers, and clairvoyants who discovered the tremendous healing potential of this nature-enriched destination, and that’s how it all started.

Just a 90-minute drive from the Manila International Airport, you enter the wellness paradise filled with awe and amazement. You cozily nestle yourself in the lap of mother nature safe and secure from outer world disturbances. Remoteness is welcoming at times!

Your mind and body automatically slip into the reset mode. The resort’s infinity pool complements the natural bounty that never ceases to enchant guests. The Farm at San Benito is a year-round destination, you don’t need to be too selective about the season and time. Get ready for an awesome wellness journey that you can have only in your dreams!

The Farm’s 5 Pillars to Salutogenic Approach to Wellness

Salutogenic Approach to Wellness

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The Farm promotes Salutogenesis, which implies the “creation of good health”. The resort’s approach to good health rests on 5 strong pillars – Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair, and Sustain.

Diagnose – Accurate evaluation of what needs to be done

Cleanse – Create more space for well-being by discarding bad things through detox, psycho-emotional cleansing, etc.

Nourish – To fill up the evacuated space with good things sourced from nature. Healthy nutrition with raw fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Nourishment could be from exposure to nature enjoying sun rays and fresh air. It could also be through psycho-emotional guidance.

Repair –Repairing health needs a favorable environment and quality activities like pristine nature, tranquility, good nutrition, quality sleep, therapies, and other activities.

Sustain – Wellness is not a transient feat but a lifelong process that can be sustained through a personalized well-crafted wellness regime and disciplined habits.

Above all, it is the dedicated care and touch, a trait ingrained in the Filipino culture that makes these holistic treatment programs effective and delightful.

Integrated Medical Wellness Programs Grounded in Sciencesleep-recovery

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The Farm champions a harmonious fusion of time-honored wellness treatments and scientific innovation. Their life-transforming wellness programs seamlessly combine traditional Hilot practices with cutting-edge diagnostics and therapies with a hyper-personalized approach to holistic healing and well-being.

Comprehensive wellness programs come in different packages and durations addressing health issues from the root. The list is exhaustive encompassing immunity, detox, weight management, holistic detox cleanse, holistic cancer care, sleep recovery, post-natal care, fertility rejuvenation, and many more. The resort also runs special programs focused on women’s wellness, senior living, and beauty and longevity.

well-equipped medical center

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The Farm has a well-equipped medical center and a dedicated team of licensed and competent doctors, nutritionists, therapists, practitioners, food chefs, and wellness coaches. Doctors and nurses are available on-site 24X7 to support guests’ needs anytime.

The Journey to Wellness with the Healing Sanctuaries of The Farm

holistic treatment

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Within 19 years, the Farm shot to fame as a leading holistic clinic in Asia. The way they implement their holistic approach is way different from others. Three main sanctuaries namely The Holistic Sanctuary, The Healing Sanctuary Spa, and The Aqua Sanctuary with exhaustive treatment programs and spa therapies fulfill the healing journey of guests.

The guest’s journey startsin the Holistic Sanctuary where a doctor on-site provides initial consultation and recommends detox programs and other treatments specific for a person.

The Healing Sanctuary Spa comprising the treatment rooms is a different environment altogether where you will get an earthy feeling. These resemble small villas equipped with a shower and bathtub. The intimate ambiance allows you to unwind and relax and experience the treatments. The typical stressful clinical setting vanishes! A feel-good factor prevails that boosts healing.

The Aqua Sanctuary is something very unique! All water-related treatments are available here. It is very close to the main infinity pool and is connected to the spa. The sanctuary houses a variety of pools offering water acupressure, floatation ponds, infrared sauna, cold showers, and thermal treatments. You will enjoy hopping and dipping in these sanctuaries throughout your stay.

Other cutting-edge therapies include a Vital Dome, which is basically an infrared sauna mimicking sunrise and sunset. As you set yourself in the dome you will feelthe loosening of stiff muscles, which is very effective in pain management. Another cutting-edge technology is the floatation pod which is a magnesium soak that helps relax your muscles and promotes good sleep.

The Farm to Skin Beauty


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The Farm believes that nature can only make beauty long-lasting. It practices the Farm to Skin beauty concept where the ingredients of therapies are sourced from the organic in-house farm garden. Scrubs, wraps, facials, lotions, oils, decoctions, and pastes are prepared twenty minutes before the application to ensure the results are pronounced and sustainable.

Coconut oil, the primary ingredient in almost all massages, is sourced from the on-site plantation of 3000 coconut trees. Fresh virgin coconut oil is rich in potent lauric acid chains that make massages more effective giving a fresh and rejuvenated feeling.

Functional Fitness and other activities

sound healing

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The Farm has adequate provisions for functional fitness tailored to rejuvenate your mind and body. Build your mental calm and peace with Yoga sessions, sound healing, and the unique Mandala Flower meditation. Hardcore fitness enthusiasts can do power walking and HIT circuit training. These are complemented by wellness talks that provide invaluable insights into healthy lifestyles.

Wellness Accommodation and Amenities at The Farm


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The Farm offers 60 distinct suites and villas covering 16 categories offering guests a heightened sensory engagement, a vital aspect of well-being. The villas are thoughtfully designed with indigenous materials and fabrics that resonate with The Farm’s holistic ethos.


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Guests enjoy privacy and premium luxurious experiences with top-class amenities. The warm welcome and exquisite design of the reception introduce guests to a new world of wellness. The accommodations also offer a bouquet of complimentary wellness activities. Toiletries are freshly prepared from virgin coconut oil. Villas and suites are equipped with robust Wi-Fi connections facilitating workcations and long stays.

A snapshot of the accommodations:

Master Villa-

Enveloped in teak, this serene villa serves as an energy vortex where guests can enjoy picturesque views of the garden and Malarayat range. It comes complete with a private pool, kitchenette, and both indoor and outdoor bathing options.

Sulu Terrace


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One of the traditional stays in The Farm built after the indigenous Filipino-styled stilt houses known as bahay kubo. Gives you the feeling of a modern-day tree house and is popular among GenZs and Yogis! A spacious sitting is provided below the room where you can read, meditate, do mindfulness, or simply enjoy the lush green surroundings.

Climb a few steps and you enter the room at the top. The interiors give off traditional vibes. The king-sized bed, the spacious couch, and other modern amenities offer the best level of comfort.

Narra Pool Villa-

Narra Pool Villa is one of the popular villas of The Farm. It has 10 units from where you get the beautiful view of the pool and a spacious balcony gives you the right environment for a relaxing morning coffee. The interiors are as usual decorated with traditional elements and motifs. The spacious bathroom covered with glass walls fitted with a shower and a majestic bathtub gives a unique bathing experience with an unrestricted view of lush green nature.

Garden Glass & Garden Villas-


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Prioritizing a direct connection to nature, these single-roomed abodes use sustainable materials and feature open-air bathrooms, fostering a harmonious balance between luxury and the environment.

The Lakan Villas-

The Lakan Villas are the most sought-after private pool villa accommodations. Lakan in Filippino language means “strong man”. It symbolizes power and vibrance. The villas feature two and a half bedrooms and a private lounge for relaxing.It has a special ‘Koi Pond’ attached where Koi fish in Filipino culture is known to bring good luck and positive energy. You will find several Koi ponds all over the property.

Mahogany Pool Villa-

Mahogany Pool Villa

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Mahogany Pool Villa has a wide deck where guests can enjoy private moments by the pool or do yoga and other mind-body programs. The spectacular view of the sunset from the poolside lounge area is an added attraction.

Mahogany Luxury Villa-

Mahogany Luxury Villa could be the best choice for those who love to get lost in the beauty of jungles and nature. The floor-to-ceiling windows of these spacious villas give you a stunning view. These 2-bedroomed villas create a harmonious existence of luxury, well-being, and environment. The interior furniture displays the expertise of Filipino woodwork and creativity.

Mahogany Luxury Residences-

Mahogany Luxury Residences

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Mahogany Luxury Residences, spacious two-storied pool villas, are the latest additions to The Farm. These villas have a private pool, nanny’s quarters, and a kitchenette overlooking the stunning view of the Malayrat range. The spectacular arrangement of spaces makes these villas stand out from others. Every corner is a reflection of high-end luxury that keeps your senses hooked. You cannot divert your attention to anything else.

The Mahogany Luxury Residence Elite-

The Mahogany Luxury Residence Elite is an exclusive 3-storied villa owned by a long-time high-value guest. This opulent villa decked with contemporary art by renowned artists is a special attraction.

Bamboo Villas-


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A recent addition, these villas champion forest views through expansive glass walls. Ideal for discerning travelers, they offer a tranquil environment, complete with a breakfast nook and indulgent bathrooms.

Banaba Series-

Whether you’re seeking a cozy space or a more expansive suite, this series, enveloped in lush greenery, offers a rejuvenating retreat perfect for a peaceful workation.

Anahaw Family Villa-


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Mirroring traditional Filipino homes, these villas, situated beside the hills, provide an idyllic setting for small families, with a unique loft-design offering views of a tranquil stream.

Palmera Series-

Crafted for those seeking a deeper connection with nature, these accommodations present undisturbed views of the verdant surroundings, ensuring guests can unwind in a tranquil environment.

Eating at The Farm – A Symphony of Wellness and Flavors

gastronomic experience at The Farm at San Benito

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Eating at The Farm is more than just a gastronomic experience, it is a nourishment for your body and soul. Drawing from the rhythms of nature and wisdom of ancient traditions, three restaurants here offer an eclectic spread of dishes adhering to the farm-to-fork concept.

Farm-to-Table Freshness

The Farm houses a massive kitchen garden that not only grows basic food but many exotic herbs and foliage that play a vital role in the guest’s wellness journey.  Rooted in authenticity and sustainability, their farm-to-table concept champions the beauty of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Imagine dining on vegetables that have been sun-kissed, handpicked from the garden, and then masterfully curated into dishes that tell a tale of nature’s bounty.

Alive Vegan Restaurant

restaurant at The Farm at San Benito

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As the pioneering Asian Vegan Restaurant in the Philippines, Alive challenges conventions and delights palates. Here, veganism meets gastronomy in a vibrant dance of flavors. The roasted cauliflower barbecue pizza and vegan Lomi Batanga style using tofu and mushroom showcase the chef’s innovative spirit. But it’s the spicy cauliflower, with its playful nod to chicken, that often steals the show. Each dish is a testament to plant-based cuisine’s potential – rich, diverse, and utterly delicious.


Step into Prana and be enveloped by the age-old wisdom of Ayurveda, where food becomes medicine. As an Indian Ayurvedic Vegetarian Restaurant, Prana doesn’t just serve meals; it offers balanced, energy-infused dishes designed to nourish both body and mind. Here, every spice, every ingredient is chosen not just for its flavor but for its healing properties, ensuring a harmonious balance in every bite.


Drawing inspiration from the healthful Blue Zone and the sumptuous Mediterranean diet, Pesce is where the ocean meets the orchard. Dive into plates adorned with fresh fish, whole grains, and vibrant vegetables. It’s a culinary journey that encapsulates the essence of pescetarianism – offering dietary protein in its freshest form while celebrating the earth’s natural produce.

Unearth the Hidden Gems at The Farm

mindful at The Farm at San Benito

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The Farm is a treasure trove of wellness experiences in the true sense. You need to have the intent and the right mindset to explore and enjoy. The Mango Tree Lounge and the Big Lagoon are worth exploring. Looking for something thrilling? Take a plunge into the mesmerizing waterfall of the Secret Garden. For the spiritual-minded, The Temple of Five Elements and The Labyrinth are the best sites to look for the bigger connection.

As you tour the farm, the resident peacocks, ducks, and geese keep you company. Another good thing – your furry pets are also welcome in this health and wellness resort.


Image Source : thefarmatsanbenito.com

Before departing, the boutique store is a must-visit. From chic resort wear and jewelry to live essential oils, pet accessories, and other farm delights, there’s something special for everyone to remember their time at The Farm. Embrace wellness, discover nature, and take home a piece of The Farm’s essence. This wellness destination in the Philippines promises more excitement and more delights in days to come.

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