Unleash the healing potential of meditation frequencies

Stressed out? Overpowered with anxiety? Tap the healing potential of meditation frequencies. Well, it may sound new to you but meditating at varied frequencies has a deep-rooted history. Meditation frequencies for healing are growing in popularity in various sound meditation therapies using Tibetan Singing Bowl, Himalayan Bowl, tuning forks, etc., where frequencies from these objects are tuned to uplift our vibration frequency.

Our bodies are constantly humming at certain vibration frequencies. You cannot feel it. When everything goes fine, our bodies continue to vibrate at normal frequencies throughout the day in various activities. When we are stressed or suffer from any illness, our humming efficiency drops. Exposure to healing frequencies helps in stepping up the normal frequency level.

Solfeggio frequencies setting the basic scale

Solfeggio frequencies

The concept of meditation frequencies has another deep-rooted history. Long ago, Gregorian monks chanted in specific sound wave scales known as the Solfeggio frequencies. They practiced these chants to enter into the meditative trance. Apart from promoting meditation, these frequencies had a measurable impact on human psychology and physiology. Research has also proved the healing potential of ancient frequency scales.

These chants are based on six original notes of different frequencies like 396 Hz, 417 Hz, 528Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz and 852 Hz each frequency having specific healing potential. Now, if you compare these notes with modern music, you will find these completely out of sync.

With the evolution of modern tuning applications, it faded into oblivion. Although not much is heard of Solfeggio frequencies in healing but the concept of modern sound meditation is almost alike. These are the basic sound wave scales.

Sound that can change your life

Every physical object in this universe is vibrating. Every vibration has its own frequency. It constitutes the core of internal energy. If your mind is exposed to Solfeggio frequencies, you can achieve an enhanced level of harmony and deep healing. This may sound unbelievable.

You are attuned to the concept that pleasant sound/music is solely meant for entertainment providing you a short-term feel good factor. You get distracted from tensions and worries for the time being. Think, why do you jump or react to hearing loud noise?

This reaction is deeply coded in human genetics. A sudden sound can shatter your focus and attention pushing you to the flight-or-fight mode for the time being. Your sympathetic nervous system immediately releases norepinephrine shutting down the immune defense and ramping up the production of monocytes.

While monocytes are effective in fighting or inhibiting infection, it is pro-inflammatory in nature. Therefore, prolonged exposure to loud sound or disturbing noise means triggering inflammation, the root of ill health. Interaction of various sound waves in our body alters the normal frequency level. Sometimes you may feel good and sometimes worse.

The pleasant sound may help us feel good but can it heal?

Tuning fork in sound therapy

This may sound outlandish as it is a complex issue. Any sound wave hitting your eardrum creates waves in the fluid of your inner ear which is picked up auditory nerves and transmitted to the brain. This enables you to hear.

Therefore, sound detection is nothing but a physical effect arising from a physical cause. It shouldn’t seem weird that certain prolonged exposure to certain frequencies of vibration can impact your physical and mental state. Ample studies have confirmed this.

Research-based studies support healing with frequencies

For those who never studied music or cared for its technicalities, frequency is nothing but the rate per second measurement of vibration creating a sound wave, the number of times the particle is vibrating per second. This frequency is measured in Hertz.

Wave frequencies are fundamental in our way of life. For better health, we need to understand the way we interact with frequencies, how we resonate with those frequencies. Our body resonates very well with two frequencies – 432 Hz and 444 Hz. These two work in harmonizing the energy interaction pattern of our body.

Non-auditory cells are affected by music:

auditory pathways

A 2013 study achieved a great breakthrough from the scientific view point. Previously, it was thought music evoked our emotions which would bring certain changes in our cellular structure. This study found non-auditory cells changed its fluid-pressure while exposed to sound waves.

Sound, being a mechanical wave perturbs any medium and water is a good conductor of sound. Considering water as the main component of our body and cellular fluids, there can be no reason why these will not be physically affected by sound waves.

Dissonant sound can cause cell death:

Another study in 2016 found the effect of sound waves in cell viability and cell motility of non-auditory cells by observing the cell growth and cell death. The most fascinating finding was ‘dissonant’ sound causes cell death while ‘resonate’ sound has a positive impact. 432 Hz is a resonate sound beneficial for our cells.

Vibration frequency can reduce stress

man under stress

A recent 2018 study from Japan studied the effect of sound waves on the endocrine system. It was concluded 528 Hz music has a strong stress-reducing effect in just 5 minutes of exposure.

Impact of different Solfeggio frequencies in healing

When we are inflicted by any illness, our body resonates at a lower frequency. Meditative frequencies can help in lifting our vibration energy at the cellular level.

  • 174 Hz – The lowest scale seems to be a natural anesthetic effective in reducing pain. You develop a sense of security and love and get motivated to give the best.
  • 285 Hz – Effective in healing wounds, injuries and any kind of tissue damage. This frequency is directly connected to your mind and body contributing to your overall wellbeing.
  • 396 Hz – Effective cleanser of your mind from the guilt that stands as a big obstacle to your achievement and realization of goals.
  • 417 Hz- Helps you resonate with self placing you on the right track. It wipes away past traumatic experiences and negative influences. It also re encourages your cell DNA to function in an optimal manner.
  • 528 Hz – Restores your DNA to its original state. This is followed by the awakened state of mind, clarity in thoughts, heightened energy creating the opening for spiritual awakening.
  • 639 Hz – Brings back the harmony in relationships by improving communication, understanding, love and tolerance.
  • 741 Hz – Detoxifies cells leading to a healthier life. It also detoxifies your cells from harmful electromagnetic radiation.
  • 852 Hz – Connects with our “Third Eye” or ‘Chakra’ and facilitates awakening of our inner self. Clears energy blockage, brings clarity in thoughts and communication.
  • 963 Hz – Awakens your system to the original state. Gives you the feeling of oneness.

Binaural beats:

Binaural beats

While talking of healing frequencies, we can’t miss out binaural beats which arise from two slightly-varying sound wave frequencies reaching our ears. If the right ear receives 132 Hz and the left ear receives 121 Hz, your brain gradually gets synchronized with the difference of 11 Hz. This difference of 11 Hz (or any number) is known as binaural beats. For a binaural beat to be effective, sound waves should be below 1000 Hz and the difference between two sound wave frequencies cannot be more than 30 Hz.

Binaural beats is known to facilitate meditation apart from imparting several health benefits. It is said that 1-30 Hz frequency generates similar brainwaves as one experience during meditation. Binaural and Solfeggio frequencies can work together provided the music is tuned to the Solfeggio scale complementing the intention of binaural beats.

Frequency pattern in binaural beats:

There are 5 frequency patterns:

  • Delta – Frequency range 0.5-4 Hz. Promotes deep sleep
  • Theta – Frequency range 4-7 Hz. Promote meditation, creativity and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep.
  • Alpha – Frequency range 7-13 Hz. Promote relaxation.
  • Beta – Frequency 13-30 Hz. Promote concentration and alertness
  • Gamma – Frequency range 30-50 Hz. Maintains arousal in the awakening state.

Guide to use meditation frequencies

use meditation frequencies

Using healing frequencies (or tones) is as easy as listening to music. However, an easy guide can help you get started and reap its benefits.

  1. Select a calm and quiet place free from distraction. It may be at home or some outdoor serene spot.
  2. The place should be comfortable enough to sit or lie down. Yes, you can do this by lying down as well.
  3. Get a pair of quality stereophonic earphones (those with noise cancellation features are the best).
  4. Select a track to start. There is no sequential preference for Solfeggio frequencies or binaural beats. You can save those in your playlist and listen one after the other.
  5. Maintain a comfortable volume. Moderately low volume is recommended as it is intended for relaxation. Very high volume can impact your hearing.
  6. Listen to it in a relaxed manner. You can do it while working at your desk or during meditation. But avoid listening while driving or doing any activity that demands full attention.
  7. Maintain regularity. There is no specified duration for listening Solfeggio tunes or binaural beats but maintain a specified time. It may be 10, 15, 20 minutes to a few hours. It depends on you.
  8. Fix a time for meditating with Solfeggio frequencies. It can be early morning or at night before going to bed. Maintain the same timing. However, you can extend the duration as per your needs and convenience.
  9. A professional consultation will not be bad if you have some existing neurological problems.

Key Takeaway:

If you feel better listening to healing frequencies, continue to do so no matter whether it carries research-backed evidence or not. If you do not experience any effect, you may change your tune selection. Healing frequencies may not be supported by adequate evidence but that does not mean it should be disregarded totally.

Some research says performing chants reduces blood pressure and heart beat. Some scientists have also observed monastic chanters do not require 7-8 hours of sleep just 2 hours a day is enough for them.

Those not sure of how to use meditation frequencies for healing can seek guidance or use special apps. The Youtube is loaded with Solfeggio frequencies from which you can make your selection. Looking for something more? Check out some wellness retreats in your locality offering guided sessions of healing with Solfeggio frequencies or binaural beats.

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