Rediscover your soul and peace with Kabbalah Meditation techniques

woman doing Kabbalah Meditation

A lot of us tend to go through that phase in our lives where we feel dejected continuously and keep on dreaming for a better day. In such cases, the only way to keep our emotions in check is to calm the body and mind.

One of the most effective ways to calm down a stressed mind is to opt for meditation. Meditation can easily alleviate unnecessary stress and cleanse the body of all negative energy that may be dragging it down.

Kabbalah Meditation: History

Not every type of meditation technique will suit all individuals. Only a few techniques can cater to all individuals, irrespective of their age and body constraints. One of these is the Kabbalah Meditation technique that takes its roots from ancient Jewish religious scriptures.

The Kabbalah Meditation technique dates back to over 2000 years ago. Originating from ancient Jewish mystical concepts, the technique has been passed down by earlier generations of Jewish scholars and masters over the years. Much information about the Kabbalah technique was passed down in the form of oral speeches and sermons only.

Kabbalah Meditation: Nuances

Kabbalah meditation is known for the immense spiritual power it invokes in those who practice it. ‘Kabbalah’ means receiving, and the meditation technique teaches individuals the art of receiving the love and blessings of the Creator.

Practicing Kabbalah meditation allows one to connect with the Almighty in a very spiritual manner. The technique in fact, bridges the broken channel an individual needs to use in order to connect with the Almighty.

Kabbalah Meditation: Benefits

Kabbalah meditation has numerous benefits for the body and mind. It does more than simply relieving one of a dark life and the negativities that come with it. Kabbalah meditation is more than just a medium through which one can de-stress his body and mind.

Kabbalah Meditation allows one to re-establish a strong connection with his inner self. This, in turn, allows the individual to look at life from a spiritual standpoint. The meditation helps a stressed individual break the shackles of his mundane life and understand that there is more to life than the difficulties at present.

Kabbalah meditation also allows one to realize how the universe functions as well as its relationship with human life. In doing so, the meditation technique allows an individual to answer some very important questions about himself, including ‘Who am I really?’ and ‘Why am I on earth?’ Thus, an individual practicing Kabbalah meditation will surely gain a purpose in life and work towards achieving his goals in a more dedicated, spiritual manner.

Kabbalah Meditation: Techniques

Kabbalah meditation is not a tedious technique. In fact, any individual can easily follow it by following a simple set of instructions. It also works over the established basics of meditation, making it easier to adapt to for any individual who practices other forms of meditation as well.

Kabbalah meditation is best practiced in the morning, as this is when the body and mind wake up to encounter a new day. The practice starts by reciting three blessings and meditation verses. These verses are basically Hebrew letters that helps one thank the Almighty for his life on earth. There are plenty of online websites that offer information about these verses which can be downloaded when needed.

The three blessings one needs to say can also be downloaded from the internet. These blessings are ways for the individual to invoke holy spirits and their healing powers onto his body. One has to recite these blessings and then pray to the gods, asking them to descend upon him and offer him strength.

There are meditation verses one will need to recite in the night. According to the Kabbalah meditation principles, the soul leaves the body each night during sleep in order to reach a higher level of consciousness. These verses need to be uttered right before going to bed. The verses are meant to ask for enough power to allow the soul to return to the body the next morning.

It is customary for one to experience periods of stress and negativity during the course of his life. The Kabbalah meditation technique allows an individual to shake off all his negativities and take on the pressures of life in a more confident and spiritual manner.

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