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Tips to build a custom home theater system

Hiring a professional to install a custom home theater is always a good option but it is also important to know it’s basics before opting for a professional. It involves all the aspects of perfect experience of home theater like acoustics, lighting, audio equipments, visual accessories and furniture. All these factors combining with the size and shape of room, number of people in the room, and placement of every piece make up a beautiful scenario to watch your favorite movies.

Before moving on, first you have to decide for what purpose you are creating a custom home theater. It can serve various purposes like watching movies, listening music, playing video games etc. However, it is mostly used for watching movies. When you decide the purpose of the system it is time to follow a step by step process:

1. First comes the point of theater seating because if seating in the room is not enjoyable then every other thing arranged is totally a waste. In present scenario, recliners are preferred by a lot of people as they give the complete effort with their flexibility. Recliners are available in the market with built in mechanisms like vibration in synchronization with heavy bass sounds. There are various models of recliners that can be set up in a row, just like you watch the movie in a movie theater. They can also form a straight line curved inward (like in stadiums) seating.

2. Now your seating part is complete. It’s time to focus on the layout of home theater. It is important to setup a space in your home that is accessible to power outlets. It is important to create a floor plan to understand where you are going to place the chair, speaker, screen and acoustical panels. The screen wall will be given center stage so that people at different seating positions can see with a clear view. The screen includes components such as flat screen, speakers, electronics box etc. Prepare a wooden platform with sufficient height (24-26 inch ideal) by using glue and screws. A proper platform for speakers is also must while preparing a custom home theater to provide complete synchronization.

3. Next comes up the construction of electronics box. The construction of this box is performed while preparing the platform for the screen and speakers. It includes all the accessories to play the movie. Acoustic walls also play an important role in providing the perfect sound experience. So it is important to include this in the list as well. The walls should be fitted with dense plywood with the use of screws for fastening. Acoustics panels can be attached with foam or other materials by covering with fabric. There are various ambient light issues depend on the type of TV or projector used so it is important to give some attention.

4. While watching movies it is very important to have a proper view from all sides of the room. So, it’s important to decide what work best for viewing – projection system or television with large screen.

5. Selection of speakers also requires a good thought process. Both in-wall and stand alone speakers have their own benefits so it’s an individual decision to choose the one according to the room.

6. After completing all these steps, the layout for your home theater is right there in front of you. Now it’s time to consider the furniture and electronic gadgets.

Having a home theater not only provide feel of theater at home but you can setup everything according to your choice. So, don’t wait and built one according to your choice and requirements.

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