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The Farm at San Benito Pioneering Medical Wellness Tourism in the Philippines

The Farm at San Benito Pioneering Medical Wellness Tourism in the Philippines

Located in the beautiful surroundings of Batangas, The Farm at San Benito is a gem of medical tourism in the Philippines for its unique integrative medical wellness approach. Medical treatments alone cannot cure unless the patient’s body and mind are brought into harmony through wellness practices deeply rooted in the evolution of mankind.

Medical tourism in the Philippines has emphasized the importance of integrative medicine to facilitate the holistic healing of patients. Leading medical facilities have dedicated wellness setups to holistically address patients’ well-being. Let’s delve into how this tranquil paradise in nature has become one of the choicest medical wellness tourism destinations in this island country.

We also present an interesting interview with The Farm at the end of this article to get more insights into their evolution and plans.

The Emergence of Medical Wellness Tourism in the Philippines


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In 2004, the Philippines government launched a unique medical tourism program factoring in both the medical and wellness aspects. The Philippines is a blessed country favorable for sustainable well-being. Its natural bounty, traditional practices, healthcare expertise, and the warm caring nature of Filipinos make a wonderful proposition for medical wellness.

Many luxury wellness resorts were quick to embrace this concept, but The Farm, to date stands as the only recognized medical wellness destination in the Philippines. It has bagged 90 awards including the “Best Medical Wellness Resort Award” by the SENSES of Germany.

Healing with Nature at The Farm

holistic healing experience

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Nature is the best healer of all maladies. Human beings have long forgotten it. The Farm takes you back to your roots making you understand every step of healing and nature’s contribution to the journey.

They seamlessly integrate wellness into medical treatments and vice versa,leading to sustainable well-being. While cutting-edge technology powers medical treatments, lifestyle medicine, alternative therapies, and traditional Filipino care round out the holistic healing experience.

Integrative evidence-based medical wellness approach


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Integrative medicine involves a combination of treatments and lifestyle modifications to heal an individual considering their personal history, traits, mental orientation, and other factors. The Farm at San Benito stands as a bright example where modernity seamlessly blends with traditionality.

The resort’s all-inclusive science-backed treatment programs supervised by qualified medical professionals and therapists have made it a leading medical and wellness tourism destination in the Philippines. Integrative treatment modalities in different programs ensure the safety of individuals throughout the healing process.

To bring in more innovations in medical wellness, the resort has collaborated with Living Life Well Integrative Medical Clinic of Cigna Global Health to create diverse holistic wellness solutions to address and treat diverse chronic health disorders and pains arising from highly modernized lifestyles.

Its non-invasive cutting-edge holistic aesthetic and anti-aging solutions are added attractions to the medical wellness journey enabling individuals to enhance their appearance and self-esteem.

Goethean Science of Healing and Wellness


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The Farm follows the Goethean science of healing and wellness, an alternative healing approach propounded by the renowned 18th-century German poet, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He was concerned with the narrowing specialization of science that relies on mechanical data for reasoning and interpretation and is devoid of human touch and perception.

He believed in the interplay between humanity and scientific modes emphasizing that the world needs a more complete understanding of both these perspectives. It is more about paying conscious attention to human signals and planning actions accordingly.

Inspired by this unique approach, The Farm emphasizes a mindful observation of patients or individuals and how they are perceived by human consciousness rather than relying heavily on abstract models and instrument-driven insights.

From the medical wellness perspective, this translates into deeper holistic care considering not just the physical symptoms but the physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being of the patient. Goethean-influenced medicine also considers personal history, lifestyle, and environment to evaluate individual “sickness” and “wellness”.

According to the Goethean approach, mindful observation of patients can lead to valuable insights missed by data-driven or device-based diagnostics. Two patients with similar vital physical metrics will differ a lot in other metrics, which are vital to individual well-being. This approach emphasizes the mind-body connection and more openness to alternative forms of treatment.

Comprehensive Medical Wellness programs

woman joined a Wellness program

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The Farm has ensured its medical wellness programs are relevant to address the growing health and wellness concerns. The list is comprehensive –

  • Immune intelligence
  • Holistic cancer care
  • Post-natal care
  • Pain management
  • Menopause retreat
  • Frequent flyer well-being
  • Holistic detox cleanse
  • Yoga and raw food retreat
  • Fertility program
  • Mental health retreat
  • Mental well-being
  • Weight management
  • Sleep recovery
  • Smoking cessation
  • Medi Spa journeys
  • Intro to detox

A high level of expertise, precision, and coordination is needed to curate result-oriented hyper-personalized medical wellness programs. The Farm excels in it. It has Internationally trained doctors and physicians specializing in lifestyle, functional, naturopathy, and holistic medicine on board.

A dedicated team of certified and licensed health professionals and practitioners including nurses, attendants, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, spa therapists, nutritionists, dieticians, on-site chefs, sound healing practitioners, and mind-body fitness coaches ensure successful execution of the programs.

Guests from all over the world visit The Farm at San Benito for myriad reasons. It could be seeking absolute relaxation and rejuvenation or addressing specific health concerns. Their duration of stay varies from just a few days to a year! The Farm’s personalized wellness programs ensure patients and individuals achieve what they expect.

From Diagnostics to Holistic Healing: The Farm’s 5 Pillar Approach

Holistic Healing

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The Farm’s holistic healing rests on 5 pillars – Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair, and Sustain. A patient’s journey starts at the Healing Sanctuary Spa where a team of medical experts evaluate the patient’s health and well-being through several high-end diagnostic tests.

It includes holistic health consultation, nutritional and fitness assessment, cellular health screening, psychosomatic health assessment (voice analysis), psychoemotional clearing, and many more using cutting-edge technology and devices.

The next step includes planning the treatment which covers four steps – cleansing, nourishing, repair, and sustain. These integrated medical wellness programs involve cutting-edge medical treatments and alternative therapies like traditional Filipino Hilot massage, Acupuncture, compresses,mind-body programs,etc.

Physical nourishment comes through thoughtfully curated meals supported by three on-site restaurants.They offer vegan, ayurvedic, and pescetarian diets with live ingredients sourced from the in-house farm. Wellness talks by expert coaches provide nourishment to the soul.

The Farm helps repair and sustain through therapies, diet, and mind-body programs. They can prescribe energizing juice, a session at Flotation Pod or Oxygen Bar, Vitamin infusion therapy, acupressure, Hilot massage, mandala flower meditation, and other functional fitness regimes. The Farm’s human-centric approach is outstanding. Every treatment and session can be hyper-personalized as per individual needs and choices.

Harnessing Cutting-edge technology in medical wellness

Cutting-edge technology in medical wellness

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Guests are amazed at the advanced equipment and devices supporting integrative medical wellness programs in The Farm. The Acqua Hydrotherapy Sanctuary helps in achieving optimum health with evidence-based multi-step hydrotherapy programs.

The Farm helps patients in harnessing the power of water to heal, relax, and rejuvenate. Technologies such as Colema™ and the Vital Dome, which is an advanced infra-therapy ecosystem, further enhance the detox and rejuvenation processes.

The Oxygen Bar Aromatherapy is more than just an oxygen intake; it’s an immersive wellness experience that rejuvenates the senses with carefully selected aromas, optimizing both physical and mental well-being. The Immuno Cell Renewal focuses on harnessing the body’s innate defense mechanisms, fortifying the immune system to ensure optimal health.

Oligoscan, a cutting-edge diagnostic tool, provides valuable insights into trace elements and heavy metals in the body’s tissues, guiding subsequent treatments. The Glutathione IV Therapy stands as a testament to modern medical advances, boosting the body’s antioxidant levels, and helping in detoxification and cellular repair.

Relaxology delves deep into relaxation techniques, targeting stress and tension points, and promoting an overall sense of tranquility. Meanwhile, Brain Biofeedback offers a fascinating glimpse into the mind, using real-time displays of brain activity to teach self-regulation and enhance mental functions.

These state-of-the-art medical technologies operate in harmony with a range of alternative treatments and mind-body programs displaying the best application of the medical wellness concept.

The Filippino Care Beyond The Treatment

traditional Hilot massage

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The essence of Filipino care deeply enriches the patient’s healing journey at The Farm. The centuries-old tradition of warmth, hospitality, and the genuine feeling to care for others’ well-being has set new benchmarks in patient care. There is no cure without care!

The traditional Hilot massage included in many wellness programs is more than therapeutic techniques. It imbibes the Filipino spirit of ‘Bayanihan’ meaning community feeling and cooperation. Patients feel comfortable and confident, which is integral in healing. The Filippino care sets a bigger connection with the surroundings ensuring a holistic rejuvenation of the mind, body, and spirit.

Culinary Experience Feeding the Body and The Soul

Culinary Experience

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Relishing food with potent ingredients speeds up healing.Thevast in-house organic farm supplies all the nutritional requirements of patients that come as delightful surprises. It could be a rejuvenating tasty green juice with freshness overloaded or a colorful vegan dish that enhances the appetite. At The Farm, a patient’s diet need not be bland, courtesy the culinary innovations of chefs.

Three on-site restaurants serving vegan and pescetarian diets ensure proper nutrition of guests without torturing their taste buds. The dishes are not just flavorful, but also serve a medicinal purpose, aiding in the body’s repair and maintenance.Every food that is served is rich in phytonutrients, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and low in glycemic index.

The Essence of Recuperative wellness settings

The Essence of Recuperative wellness settings

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Surroundings matter in healing. The Farm is blessed with opulent nature enabling individuals to enjoy the best of two worlds in their journey to wellness. In the emerging medical wellness trend, this has a far-reaching impact.

A patient after surgery or a prolonged treatment in a hospital can go through a pleasurable recuperativephase amid this luxurious natural setting instead of getting cooped up in the hospital or hotel.

Isn’t it wonderful when lush green landscapes, the symphony of nature, and the tranquil ambience combine with the signature caring touch of onsite physicians, therapists, and coaches to make recovery a delightful experience?

The Farm’s Legacy: Setting New Benchmarks in Medical Wellness Tourism

man experiencing the wellness activity

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With notable approaches to holistic healing, The Farm has etched its mark in the world of medical wellness tourism. It’s not just about accolades; it’s about the countless lives transformed, the health barriers overcome, and the positive change instigated in the lives of many.

It makes you mindful and observant of your health and well-being ingraining a practice of holistic wellness. It guides you to care more about yourself. As more and more individuals turn to holistic healing, The Farm stands as a beacon of hope and health along with positioning the Philippines as a pioneer in medical wellness tourism.

Exclusive Interview with The Farm at San Benito

Nothing tells a story better than an open conversation. We had the chance to get into a hearty chat with the Farm. Here are the excerpts.

  1. What was the driving force and inspiration behind the establishment of The Farm at San Benito, and what specific goals did the founders have in mind when they embarked on this venture? How did they envision it to be different from other resorts in the Philippines, and what unique aspects did they aim to incorporate to stand out in the competitive hospitality industry?

Well, it is something interesting that led to the establishment of this stunning resort. Nature has been the biggest inspiration.  The founders envisaged a unique health and wellness sanctuary where healing can be achieved through evidence-based scientific practices along with being strongly connected to nature. Our disconnection from nature is making us fall sick easily.

The founders conceptualized something novel that will facilitate natural healing. Our current owner was amazed at the effectiveness of our medical wellness programs. So he thought to take it forward by helping individuals find their way to wellness. Plus, they can enjoy a lovely vacation amid this great ambiance.

The Philippines has plenty of resorts catering to diverse tourists, but the Farm was launched with a different objective. It is meant to create a holistic vacation experience with an individual’s well-being at the forefront. Our eclectic blend of traditional healing and cutting-edge medical technology has made us stand out in this sector.

  1. Can you provide us with a detailed account of the journey that led to the creation of The Farm at San Benito? Was it the result of careful planning and research, or did it emerge from a serendipitous chain of events? How did the concept evolve, and what were the key turning points that shaped the resort into what it is today?

The Farm used to be a coconut and coffee plantation owned by a Filipina married to a German.  People would gravitate to the place not knowing it’s a private property and this made the couple investigate further.  Scientists and clairvoyants agreed that a place like this with its water tables, high-level vibrations, and energy wells ought to be converted into a healing place.

In 2007, the current owner, Mr. Chaudhary of CG Hospitality, came in as a patient and was happy with his healing experience.  He wanted to share this with his family and friends and eventually, to the world.  Thus, the decision to acquire the business for world expansion. The full acquisition happened in 2018.

  1. What sets The Farm at San Benito apart from other resorts in the Philippines? 

The Farm at San Benito has recently been recognized as an outstanding medical wellness resort. The resort takes a comprehensive holistic approach that focuses on resetting the harmony of mind, body, and spirit with evidence-based science-driven medical wellness treatments.

We know people love luxury while on holiday. The Farm’s luxurious eco-friendly environment embraces guests with nature’s healing elements, offering a unique blend of opulence and serenity.

  1. Having dedicated two decades to assisting guests on their transformative healing journey, could you elaborate on the core principles and philosophy that underpin this approach at The Farm? What kind of experiences do you aim to create for your guests, and how do you measure the success of their healing and wellness journeys during their stay?

We feel blessed to have helped countless individuals in their journey toward a healthier, balanced life. Our integrative medical care, preventive health strategies, and guidance on the importance of consuming pure, nutritious foods contribute to it. Our expert team adopts a scientifically grounded, evidence-informed, and outcome-focused methodology to achieve peak health.

Our comprehensive medical wellness programs are overseen by medical experts. These programs tackle pressing lifestyle-related health issues we face today, from diabetes, obesity, and hypertension to hormonal irregularities and mental health challenges like anxiety, stress, and depression. The programs are meticulously designed and executed by a team of world-class integrative doctors, spa professionals, nutrition specialists, raw food gurus, fitness trainers, and yoga instructors.

Our 60 luxurious suites and villas, well-maintained grounds, excellent service, and the caring nature of the Filipino people have all created special healing and wellness experiences for our guests.

  1. Amidst the years of operation, what are some of the most noteworthy achievements or milestones that The Farm at San Benito has attained? Are there any success stories or impactful transformations that stand out and exemplify the profound impact of the resort’s wellness programs on guests’ lives?

The way we thrived in the face of adversity during the Covid is something extraordinary. The Farm, so far, has been awarded with 90 awards including the “Best Medical Wellness Resort” by the SENSES, Germany.

At The Farm, every guest’s experience is a unique story regardless of whether they are sick or healthy. There are countless such stories. Guests entering The Farm and those leaving are not the same. They are transformed individuals.

  1. I have heard about the life-transforming healing journeys at the Farm. What lies at the core of these journeys? 

The Farm takes a salutogenic approach which means the creation of good health. It is focused on 5 pillars: Diagnose, Cleanse, Nourish, Repair, and Sustain. We aim to restore guests’ overall well-being by balancing all aspects related to it. Our medically-integrated wellness treatments are based on Goethean science. You won’t hear about it much, but it is very interesting. It emphasizes more on human perception and mindful observation of the individual rather than creating inferences by device-generated metrics.

  1. As a resort that attracts guests from various countries, can you shed light on the geographic diversity of your clientele? What are some of the factors that draw guests from different parts of the world to The Farm at San Benito? Are there any cultural considerations that influence the services and experiences offered to international visitors?

Our guests are mostly from South Korea, the United States, Japan, China, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, the UK, Malaysia, and Singapore. Pristine nature and evidence-based wellness programs are top attractions for our guests. Many guests like our anti-aging and beauty enhancement treatments in a vacation environment. Our traditional Filippino Hilot and signature care are loved by international guests.

  1. For US travelers seeking a rejuvenating and immersive experience at The Farm, what are some unique and captivating activities that they can indulge in during their stay? How do these activities align with the resort’s overall wellness philosophy and contribute to the overall experience for US visitors?

There are plenty. Amidst the lush tropical surroundings, guests can take part in daily yoga and meditation sessions. We offer free functional fitness sessions for everyone. Our team of experts tailors these experiences to meet each individual’s specific needs.

For nature lovers, there are invigorating nature walks and guided hikes. We have special anti-aging and immune-boosting programs. Female wellness programs are there to address specific concerns of women. Men and women from the US love our anti-aging and beauty-enhancing programs.

Aqua fitness classes provide a refreshing and fun way to stay active, encouraging overall well-being during the stay. There are many more programs that can’t be described in this short period.

  1. That’s wonderful! Considering the logistics involved for US travelers to reach the Philippines, how does The Farm ensure that their journey to the resort is as seamless and hassle-free as possible? Are there specific arrangements or partnerships in place to facilitate travel arrangements for international guests?

It is quite feasible, you know. We are located within just a 90-min drive from the Manilla airport. Direct flights are operating between Manilla and selected top metros in the US. Last year, our country received a good number of US travelers. Our government is trying to introduce more direct flights with the US.

Regarding hassle-free transfer from the airport to the Farm, we provide roundtrip airport car transfers with VIP airport assistance. Plus, our 24X7 hotline is there to address any travel-related concerns.

  1. In terms of catering to both medical tourists and vacationers, how does The Farm strike a balance between offering medical services and luxurious vacation experiences? 

Thanks for this question. We are capable enough to cater to both seamlessly. We try to get as much information from guests before travel. What they wish to do and what are their objectives, we gather this information beforehand. For medical tourists, we curate tailored integrated medical services to address their specific health and well-being needs.

For a great vacation experience, our outdoor activities and nearby attractions are more than enough to fill their cup. There are guided outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, biking, walking trails, and the like designed for specific guests.

  1. What are some of the medical and wellness facilities available at the resort, and how are they integrated into the overall guest experience?

We have developed a truly unique approach to integrating medical and wellness treatments. We have three dedicated facilities for this. In the Holistic Sanctuary, medical professionals evaluate the guest’s health condition and recommend specific treatments. The Healing sanctuary spa has different treatment rooms. All water-related treatments are provided in the Acqua Sanctuary. Guests enjoy a relaxing experience in different phases of the treatment in different facilities.

  1. As a pioneer in wellness tourism in the Philippines, how does The Farm actively contribute to the growth and development of this industry in the country? Are there any collaborations or initiatives with other stakeholders in the wellness and tourism sectors to further promote the Philippines as a wellness destination?

Our philosophy and practices have made us a leader in medical and wellness tourism in the Philippines. We have been working hard to create a well-rounded wellness program menu and a strong infrastructure. To support integrative healing, we have collaborated with Cigna Global Health for evidence-based holistic solutions to treat and address various chronic lifestyle disorders, work-related stress and disorders, anxiety, depression, and other mental issues. These are the ones that severely impact individual well-being.

We find people from different countries coming to us for wellness retreats and medical programs. I feel this influx of health-conscious travelers elevates the country’s medical and wellness tourism scenario, making it a prime destination for these niche sectors.

  1. Can you provide us with valuable insights into the wellness tourism scenario in the Philippines? How has it evolved over the years, and what trends or changes have been observed? What are the unique selling points of the Philippines as a wellness destination compared to other countries in the region?

The Philippines has been witnessing a notable rise in wellness tourism in recent years. Thanks to the country’s pristine natural attractions, serene surroundings, and traditional healing practices. People are looking for nature and tranquility where they can relax and reboot. Both the sick and healthy are seeking a transformative well-being reboot.

People visiting the Philippines find specific medical treatments that could be easily clubbed with tourism activities. The country has excellent healthcare facilities that welcome international patients in different specialties. Health resorts attract international patients and travelers, making it a top wellness tourism destination in Southeast Asia.

Talking of unique selling points of the Philippines, its 7000 islands offer a plethora of choices to visitors. These islands thriving with nature are not crowded allowing tourists to enjoy their own space. Traditional Filippino Hilot treatment and caring hospitality that display community spirit make this country stand out in wellness propositions.

  1. While The Farm at San Benito offers premium wellness experiences, what price range can travelers expect for the various wellness programs and packages available? How does the resort ensure that its pricing remains competitive while maintaining the high-quality services it is known for?

Prices for wellness programs at The Farm at San Benito vary depending on the chosen packages and duration of stay. Generally, rates start from $300 per night for single occupancy and may include a combination of accommodation, meals, wellness consultations, and access to activities.

We keep a close eye on the operational efficiency of the resort through smart practices and technology. Everything works in a streamlined manner with no room for disruption. Our expert-curated wellness treatment packages ensure a very high-quality service for guests with lots of value-added services that strengthen our bottom line along with providing delightfully personalized guest experiences.

  1. In light of the challenges posed by the pandemic, how did The Farm adapt its operations and services to ensure the safety and well-being of its guests and staff? What innovative measures were implemented during this time, and what lessons were learned that could potentially shape the future approach to hospitality at the resort?

It was a tough period. But I am proud to say, we had 90% occupancy at that time. We prioritized guest safety by putting stringent Covid measures in place. That was the first thing that we did. . We set up an on-site Covid testing center. We launched touchless therapies and a wellness concierge app helping guests book services easily.

We introduced a lot of innovations. For example, the ichroma Antibody test evaluates your antibody level to fight covid. Next, we installed Sanivir smoke disinfectant to destroy all viruses, including Covid. Treatment rooms when not in use were disinfected with UV light.

We installed BetterAir solutions that dispersed environmental probiotics in all enclosed spaces for a clean pathogen-free indoor environment. Our internationally-trained integrative physicians and licensed healthcare professionals provided 24X7 support.

People at that time were crazy about social distancing. They found this nature destination worth spending quality time for relaxation and rejuvenation. Our Long Covid recovery program saw many takers, which also helped in maintaining our occupancy rate. We are happy that we could help patients in those trying times.  However, we got over those challenges and established ourselves as a trusted refuge for well-being.

  1. Looking ahead, what are The Farm’s plans and visions? Are there any expansion projects or new offerings on the horizon? Additionally, are there any plans to target new markets or demographics to broaden the resort’s reach and impact in the wellness tourism industry?

Our vision remains the same – guiding individuals to their personalized well-being lifestyle. We want to empower them to take charge of their well-being and depend less on medications and doctors.

We are actively exploring new markets. We are focusing on discerning travelers from the United States keen to experience newer and advanced modes of wellness. We will look for customers from the Middle East as well. Our goal is to bring more innovations to our health and wellness programs, activities, and services.

Our plans include leveraging the booming medical tourism and wellness tourism scenario in the Philippines. We aim to improve The Farm at San Benito by constantly improving our offerings, providing excellent service, and embracing new approaches to wellness.

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