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The top medical destinations are presented with the necessary information any tourist would need prior to making their decision. Given that this is a medical tourism guidebook, the information for each country is further broken down by the tourism facts you would need to know, and the relevant healthcare information too. Please read guidebook for complete information.

How to use the Destination Guide:

Since this book is aimed at individuals who are dissatisfied with the healthcare available in their country and want to seek care elsewhere, the facts and information provided are generalized. It is crucial to remember that the decision to avail of medical tourism should be based entirely upon your personal requirements and individualized concerns. The best way to use this book would then be to make notes on each of the sections that apply to you and understand how these factors are relevant to your condition.

The medical tourism destinations listed are classified into three sections: Indicators, Tourism-related facts and Medical Tourism/Healthcare information.

  1. Indicators:

The indicators listed for each of the countries are for the perusal of all readers hoping to make comparisons between medical destinations. The indicators include general information (such as language and time zone of the countries), health-specific facts and factors (such as mortality rate and recommended vaccinations) and tourism indicators taken from the Global Competitiveness Report and Tourism & Travel Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum.

Using these indicators, the top medical tourism destinations can be compared and contrasted according to specific tourism-related factors such as: Air Transport Infrastructure or Safety and Security of the region. All the regions listed have a rank out of 133 countries or out of a score of 7.

  1. Tourism Facts:

Each of the 35 countries listed will have certain information that all tourists would want to know prior to their travel there. It briefly describes the location of the country, certain events that take place during the year, what the people in the region are like, the weather of the location and touristic attractions worth visiting.

  1. Health-Related Information:

The health-related section of each country in the destination guide should give medical tourists a brief idea of the health-related factors within the region. Each country also has a section that describes the progress of medical tourism and whether it is an established medical tourism destination or an upcoming one.

The book also briefly looks at the healthcare system in each country to provide tourists with a background on the way medical services are delivered at that destination. The last section looks at the quality of the healthcare in each destination—in some regions the public services provide excellent care, while in other places the private sector is the only system providing high quality healthcare. The number of accredited facilities in each of the countries is also discussed so medical travellers can distinguish between the hospitals and clinics that are guaranteed to deliver high quality care.

My Suggestion for the Destination Guidebook:

Even though selecting the destination is clearly an important choice within the medical tourism process, picking the appropriate healthcare facility and the right doctor for your condition is just as essential. In order to comprehensively understand all the relevant factors related to medical tourism, refer to my Comprehensive Guidebook on Medical Tourism within the Dr. Prem’s guidebook series.

List of Top 50 Medical Tourism Destination

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