Hilot brings about wellness with soothing, healing touches

Everyone raves about the healing touch of Hilot be it one coming home from work or people awaiting family reunions. This non-invasive traditional healing method is being readily adopted as a western mode of medical practice. This method retains its esteem and place even in the world of modern medicine.

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Hilot literally means massage/ rubbing/ touching with soothing strokes. Hilot is not a simple massage as this may sound it is so much more. Hilot healing is a concept that deals with energy manipulations. Hilot is a known method for electrical charging of the body that creates biochemical reactions as and when needed. The bio energies so harnessed creates a balance and harmony for increasing the measures of wholesome health and wellness.

Historical evolution of Hilot healing

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Hilot is an indigenous method healing. It has a name attached to the Filipino healing practice. It is a complex combination of various methodologies like that of health, healing, psychology and several other concepts. The body imbalances could be identified through traditional measures such as pulse reading, stool and urine perspiration analysis, phrenology, hot and cold analysis etc in the early ages of Hilot healing by the Hilot masters.

The secrets of the art are found in the traditional practices of Philippines. Since this art was of a secret confinement, Hilot masters did not pass this art to public very often. Hilot art of leaning is mainly inherited from ancestors or through learned relatives and has then been passed around from generations to generations.

The concept of Hilot art of healing

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The main subjugation for well being is maintaining harmony with the universal laws in relation to mind, emotions and bodily aspects. This harmony is the creator of balance in the body. This balance is so in relation with the elements of the body namely earth, fire, air and water. These elements in turn formulate the genes that are the basis of the very existence patterns and programs in the life a human being.

Human beings through the kind of lifestyle they adopt, the cultural beliefs they follow, through the environment they reside in modify these patterns and programs of life, giving it a personalized touch. Once these individual patterns are disturbed, body is subjected to imbalances. The imbalance is therefore called a disease.

Hilot healing is the process to rectify these imbalances. This healing process relieves the body of these imbalances by introducing changes to the body with the help of various means such as biochemical mechanisms, neuro electrical and electromagnetic force, and biomechanical measures.

Practicing Hilot healing

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In order to become a Hilot master you have to learn the concepts and philosophies so related to traditional healing practices, understanding all body functions. This healing process is holistic in nature and involves learning about all the holistic relevance of life. This includes studies of biological, behavioral, social, and psychological aspects of life.

Hilot masters are so efficient in their practice that they sense the problem of the person by just looking at them. This happens since they can sense the energy of the patient by their mere look. They immediately understand about which element of the body is causing an imbalance. Once they identify the problem, they give a relevant massage to the patient, which produces the desired biochemical reaction in the body and heals the imbalance so created.

Thus, it can be rightly concluded that traditional art of Hilot healing is still one of the best measures to restore the body balances and enhancing the ways of living.


Hilot healing is a traditional measure to rectify body imbalances through a massage that generates a required biochemical reaction in the body.

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