Expansion of wellness tourism industry is throwing up big job opportunities

There was a time when people used to seek medical help only when they were ill and as soon as they recovered, the concern for health used to vanish. The perspective has shifted and taken a 180-degree turn. The modern generation of individuals believe in overall wellness and they try to enhance their physical appearance and fitness through different sort of wellness treatments and spa therapies. The demand for spa therapies is increasing in leaps and bounds every year.

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Prospects of growth seem to be very bright for the wide spread spa industry. Every country and continent on the face of the earth has realized how profitable this business is. Spa facilitators from hundreds of countries are busily planning strategies for attracting the customers. The citizens of USA, UK and other developed countries are traveling to the Third World countries like India, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore in the Asia Pacific region for getting exotic spa therapies. This new trend is also helping thousands of people get employment.

The phenomenal growth of global spa industry

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Global Spa & Wellness Economy Monitor has conducted a study according to which the approximate turnover for global spa industry in 2013 was $94 billions. In 2007, the turnover was $60 billions. The spa industry has grown at the annual rate of 7.7%. The growth rate of individual countries and continents has been calculated before finding the global growth rate of spa industry.

The largest segment of this industry is spa facilities, which alone have generated $74 billions globally. The other segments like spa media, events, consultations, education and investment, which are associated with the core functions of spa industry have earned around $20 billions together. The number of spas has also increased at the rate of 6.7% every year.

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In 2013, the number of spas around the world was around 105,591. Just like in the case of any other industry, the revenue growth of global spa industries is unevenly distributed. In the last 5-6 years, the Sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East North Africa has shown the highest growth rate.

The spa industry in these countries started from a comparatively low base. The continuous and consistent growth of the emerging markets like India, Mexico, Argentina, China and Brazil is helping the spa industries of Asia and Latin America grow.

The global distribution of spa industry

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The spa industry is spread over 203 countries and there is almost no country where there is no spas available. The tourism industry is closely linked with the spa industry. As a result the hotels are trying to attract customers by offering spa facilities. The regions and continents where the larger part of this industry is concentrated include European countries, the Asia Pacific region and North America. An approximate 86% spas are located in these regions. Except Mexico and Brazil, all the 20 countries, which are earning highest revenues from spa industry are located in these three regions.

Asia Pacific is at present at the top of the list in total number of spas and second to only Europe in earning spa revenues. At present, there are 15 countries in the world, which earn spa revenues over $1 billion every year. The results of research conducted by Global Spa & Economy Monitor say that in 2013, around 1.9 million people were employed by the spa industry. The number has definitely grown since then and will continue to increase further. The spa facilitators are trying to diversify their services and employing more number of people for taking care of the foreign customers.


Spa industry is developing rapidly due to the increasing demand of wellness treatments and spa therapies among people. The growth and prosperity of this industry is helping millions of people get jobs around the world.

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