Ways to release stress during your yoga classes

Ways to release stress

Yoga is supposed to relieve you of stress. So it seems weird that yoga classes might become the reason for your stress and anxiety. Don’t let this happen to you. Yoga is anxiety buster and let it remain so. There can be various reasons that make you tense. Let’s look at some of them.

If you have joined some yoga class, you need to be punctual and reach the class in time. If you are disorganized, there is every possibility that you have to rush to the class so that you reach there on time, with the consequence that you start your exercises on a nervous note. It is better to reach the class a little early and relax before you start with your exercises. If you are calm and composed before your yoga class, you will reap more benefits from the exercises.

Sometimes people start comparing themselves with other people in the class. They might do certain poses better than you. You should remember that no body is same and everyone has some or the other limitations. Do not overstretch yourself, and do not compare your abilities with the person next to you. Know your physical limitations, and do only as much as you are comfortable doing. Sometimes in our eagerness to outdo others we may overstretch ourselves or do a pose incorrectly, which might result in an injury.

Try to follow your instructor and pay attention to your posture. It is also very important to practise under the guidance of a good and knowledgeable instructor. He should understand your body and your limitations, and guide you according to your physical abilities. Wrong postures might harm you instead of doing any good to your health. Moreover, a good instructor will also guide you about breathing along with various poses. You have to inhale or exhale according to various poses, to get better benefits from these exercises. Choosing a good instructor is half the battle won.

Being regular with your exercise is very good for your health. At times, you may not be in perfect health. It is all right to miss a few classes. You can occasionally do the exercises at home whenever it is convenient to you. Try to join the classes where there is flexibility in timings. Do not get affected by other people in the class. Try to relax and be happy instead of fretting about congested class, or irritating person near you. A positive and adjusting outlook is very helpful.

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