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Tips that help keep your travel stress free

Tips that help keep your travel stress free

Traveling involves lots of plotting, planning, and praying that the plans work out smoothly. You cannot prevent the weather from playing spoilsport, or suddenly upgrade the service quality of your hotel. Unforeseen circumstances can ruin your trip, but by following some simple yet useful tips, you can avoid the common problems. Making a trip successful depends on several different factors and the most important of them is planning.

If you start by making careful arrangements then the entire trip will go well. Utilize all the available resources and the modern technology for finding info, flight details, booking tickets and getting great deals on travel packages. In the following, some useful tips are discussed for planning a trip and tackling unprecedented problems.

Be unconventional about accommodation

Instead of booking the usual three star or four star hotel rooms look for rented rooms and lodges. In several countries, the local people let the travelers stay at home and provide them with home cooked meals. If you are traveling with your family, then living with the locals can be a good option. You can stay in hostels if your budget is low. AirBnB is one of the websites where you will find useful info about available homes and rented rooms for travelers across the world.

Be a smart packer

Before you start packing, make a list of all the essential things that you need. It is advisable that you pack clothes according to the nature of the trip and the weather conditions at your destination. Roll up the clothes to make more space in your travel bag. Buy small plastic pouches for carrying essential toiletries and tools. Always carry an International adaptor for charging your smartphone and laptop. Carry a dual sim phone so that changing sim card is easier.

Be cautious of thieves

Always stay cautious while traveling. Outside the airport, keep your luggage close to your person. Carry two different purses. The purse with credit card and valuables should be inside your clothes or in an inner pocket. Give away the fake purse with small cash in it if threatened by goons. Inform the local police if you are robbed.

Keep backups ready

Make several photocopies of your original passport, VISA and other important documents including ID cards. Also, scan the important documents and mail the files to yourself and your travel companion. You can save the scanned copies in your smartphone as well.

Run away from riots

There is no point in getting mixed up in political or social turmoil at your travel destination. Return to hotel or seek refuge in the embassy of your country in case trouble breaks out.

Eat at small local joints

Do not dine at the apparently tourist friendly restaurants. They will charge you more for less and leave you unsatisfied. Find out small eateries with good local repute to satiate your foodie desires.

Go off-season for savings

Traveling off-season has multiple perks. It saves your money on hotel rooms, shopping and flight tickets. Avoid the crowds to save more. The time between April and October is splendid for visiting European cities at low cost.

Eat seasonal, eat cheaper

Seasonal fruits, white asparagus, porcini mushrooms, and snails taste better and cost you less. Anything that is not seasonal will be difficult to procure and cost you more.

Use public transport

Using buses, trains and walking on foot can help you save substantial amount of money. Do not waste in renting cars because you will be charged steeply for parking at night.

Go with the flow

Every place has something unique to offer to the travelers. Taste the local beverages, foods and try to enjoy their unique cultural programs for enriching yourself and making special memories.


Careful planning can help you travel safely and save you a lot of trouble in a foreign country. Always stay cautious and avoid trouble as best as you can.

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