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Famous Walt Disney hotels around the world

Famous Walt Disney hotels around the world

Disney has been a part of our childhood, and though the tastes of the new generations have changed, Disney still stays as an important part of childhood. Disney’s World Resorts are famous for their dream like ambience and excellent facilities. If you want to gift your kids a memorable holiday, then take them to one of the Disney World Hotels while they are young.

They may outgrow Disney cartoons, but they will never get wary of the memories. Each of the Walt Disney World Hotels have their own set of pros and cons. You should evaluate the positive and negative points carefully before picking the best Disney Hotel for your next vacation. In the following, you will find a list of some of the most renowned Walt Disney World Hotels.

Disney’s yacht and beach club resorts

The best water park resorts of Disney are located by the side of the Stormalong Bay. The main attraction of this resort is the humongous water slide that looks exactly like a shipwreck. The water currents created with the help of machines make this water slide enjoyable. There are two different resort of Disney at this place and the guests are permitted to walk on the Stormalong Bay. Kids can go for the Albatross Treasure Cruise and the adults can enjoy the specialty cruise.

Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary Resort was made in 1971 and is a part of the three original Disney hotels made during that period. The best thing about this resort is its location. You will just have to cross the road to enter the Magic Kingdom of Disney. The Monorail of the Magic World passes through the atrium of the Contemporary Resort. It is also a great place for watching the fireworks of the Magic Kingdom. Compared to the other deluxe Disney resorts, this one is slightly less expensive.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

The Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of the most popular Disney Resorts in the world. This resort has been built surrounding 33 acres of sprawling savannas and private animal reserves. Several rooms look out to the savannas, offering a great view to the residents. The kids enjoy watching the different species roaming in the animal reserves and the savannas. There are an approximate 200 different kinds of mammals and birds at this animal lodge.

Disney’s Polynesian Resort

The Polynesian Resort is one of the three Disney World Resorts connected by the Monorail. This resort has decorated the exotic looking Seven Seas Lagoon with Tiki artifacts. The rooms of this resort are deluxe in quality and provide all modern luxuries to guests. You can enjoy the fire knife performance and eat island delicacies at the Spirit of Aloha.

Grand Floridian resort and spa

The Grand Floridian Resort and Spa is probably the most elegant Disney resort that connects the guests with the Magic Kingdom through the Monorail. The on-site restaurants offer an array of delicious foods and the spa lets the adults relax. This resort is more expensive than the other Disney World Hotels. You may find it less kid-friendly, as there are not many entertainment options for them, though it does offer a fair variety for adults.

Disney’s art of animation resort

Each of the family suites has been made suitable for six people. They have all the important modern amenities like dining table, fridge and microwave. Children love this resort because there are many nicely decorated areas that follow Disney movie themes like Finding Nemo and The Lion King.


Disney has built some amazing resorts around the world with extraordinary facilities. Each of these resorts are unique in some way or other, and offer a world of possibilities where entertainment is concerned.

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