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Art museums around the world that are a must visit for any art aficionado

Art museums around the world that are a must visit for any art aficionado

Every country has a historical background and a long list of achievements. The cultural, social and political evolution of a country can be viewed by visiting the museums. The museums store the relics of strife and wars, which have transformed the world and brought us to the present age. They also keep the artistic achievements of humanity safe from decay. Simply put, they are a mirror to the time gone by, allowing us to see life in the olden days, and sometimes, helping us understand how our ancestors might have lived.

There are countless art museums in the world but a few are remarkable and store a great treasure of human history. Ardent travelers who love to wander around the world should pay their respect to these shrines of human creativity and artistic sense. Here we list some art museums that will host grand treasures of human achievements throughout the ages.

Le Louvre Paris, France

Louvre was once a palace of the King of France. The gigantic fortress was later turned into an art museum. Despite of the long queues outside the gates of Louvre, you must see the treasures it holds. Some of the most famous works of arts inside Louvre are Venus de Milo and The Mona Lisa. Check out the amazing Sully Wings where the medieval artifacts are kept and visit the Egyptian rooms nearby. Experts believe that it will take a month to see all the artifacts stored in Louvre belonging to different ages of the evolution of human civilization.

Vatican Museum, Vatican City, Rome

The splendor of the Vatican Museum is unmatched by any other art museum of the world. Spread over nine miles of ground, the Vatican Museum is home to excellent artwork by masters like Raphael, Michelangelo, and Leonardo Da Vinci. Every year around four million people visit this museum to behold the wonderful array of artifacts.

The Prado, Madrid, Spain

The Prado is one of the most well stocked art museums around the world. The Spanish kings and queens patronized the artists of their time and their works are now kept at Prado. You will find the works of famous artists like Goya, Ribera, Zurbaran, Titian and Raphael. The most famous work of art kept here is Ruben’s The Three Graces.

The Uffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

The Galleria degli Uffizi is the most renowned art museum of Italy that no art lover should miss. The work of every Italian maestro from the era of Renaissance is kept here. One of the greatest work of art that you will find here is Botticelli’s The Birth of Venus. You will also find the art works from medieval and baroque era inside Uffizi.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York

The best and most well stocked art museum of the western countries is The Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum holds numerous renowned works of art from the ancient eras and has a wonderful collection of modern art. Here you can see the exquisite work of Botticelli, Degas, Rembrandt, Rodin and Vermeer. If you are fond of modern art then there are works of Picasso to suit your tastes. The two million works of art can keep an art lover busy for days inside this museum.

J. Paul Getty Center, Los Angeles, California

The J. Paul Getty Center in Los Angeles is one of those rare museums which are a spectacle to behold from outside. There are several works of Vincent Van Gogh, Cezanne and Monet inside this museum.

The British Museum, London, England

In this renowned museum of London, near about eight million historical artifacts are stored. Here you will get to behold a huge collection of Egyptian artifacts including the Rosetta stone. Stunning gold jewelry, broken pieces and parts of Assyrian Palace and prehistoric bones are kept here safely for the spectators.


There are many art museums around the world but only a few of them will truly take your breath away. They store huge collections of artwork and historical objects.

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