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Understanding the positive aspect of negative thinking

positive aspect of negative thinking

Sometimes bad is good for us; as much as you may deny this fact, the reality is that without some kind of negativity in our lives, we cannot move forward. We all go through bad phases in our lives. It is not the phase that matters but it is our thoughts and actions that count. Being negative or having negative thoughts can get on to our nerves. However, if we look at the brighter side of things, the positive aspect of negative thinking is much better than we can really imagine.

Our brain is manipulative

Our brain is manipulative

One of the biggest drawbacks that most of us have is the reaction to a negative thought or person. We automatically go on a shut-off mode whenever we have something negative coming our way. Our brain is one of the manipulative organs in our body.

It has the power, ability, and capability to control our lives in a very strange way. Think about this deeply, as soon as we hear something negative or you have a negative thought; we start getting reacting in a negative manner. Worry, stress, and anger are some of the most common emotions that take control of us. We often fail to understand the benefits of negative thinking.

Understanding the positive aspect of negative thinking

Look at the bright side of things.

We have often heard people say – Look at the bright side of things. The same is applicable to negative thinking. It is very easy to give in to the negativity of negative thoughts; the challenge comes in when you have to look at the bright side of thinking negatively in a positive manner.

There are two sides to a coin. Similarly, the positive aspect of negative thinking is the other side that most people overlook. Failure is the first step to success – here failure is a negative thing but if you look at the end of the sentence, the word success is a positive aspect. If you do not fail, you will not learn. If you do not learn, you will not be able to better yourself.  This is why you need to ask yourself…

Is negative thinking really negative?

Is negative thinking really negative

If you want to look at the positive aspect of negative thinking, the first thing that you need to do is change the way you think. You have to learn to train yourself and your brain to look at the other side of the coin.

This is something that is not easy, but it is not difficult as well. It will take some time, lots of efforts and never-ending attempt to continue staying on the same path. As much as there are benefits of negative thinking, there are even better benefits when you look at these thoughts in a positive manner.

For example – If you are going through a financial crisis, there are only two options. The first one is either give up or cry about the situation. The second is finding a way to come out of it and work hard as well. No doubt, questions like-

How will I pay my bills and maintain my house?

Will I be able to pay my rent this month?

These are not negative thoughts, they are concerns that you have. However, questions like:

Am I burden on my family?

I do not have an education, how will I get a job?

These are negative thoughts that can pull you down.

Pulling through tough phases


When you go through a tough phase in your life, it is natural to feel that your world is falling apart. You may also feel that time is against you. If you look at the bright side of thinking negatively, it actually helps you to pass the test in a good way.

During a bad phase, you tend to learn a lot from it. The phase also helps you to understand yourself in many ways. In a way, the positive aspect of negative thinking motivates you to move ahead and not give up.

Is negative thinking really negative? Well, this is very tricky. To really say that a negative thought is negative depends on the situation. Sometimes thinking negative is good but sometimes it bad as well. It is purely based on the emotion or action that follows the thought.

For example – If you have a partner who is really cheating on you and you get to know about it; then the positive aspect of negative thinking can prove to be helpful. This is because it helps you to make a proper decision, which will be good for you in the long run. However, if this is just a misunderstanding and not a reality, then it can ruin your relationship.

There is a fine line between good and bad in negative thinking

good and bad in negative thinkingSince we are talking about the benefits of negative thinking, we need to understand that there is a fine line between negative thinking and NEGATIVE THINKING. In one way, this form of thinking is like reverse psychology.

If you want to understand the positive aspect of negative thinking, you have to keep on motivating yourself to look out for the light at the end of the tunnel. We as humans have a very beautiful world around us. The biggest problem is that many of us have forgotten to look at the bright side of thinking negatively.

A concluding note on the positive aspect of negative thinking

positive thinkingWhile we can go on with the subject of negative thoughts, the bottom line is what you think is what you make your life to be. As much as it is easy to give in to temptation, it is difficult to fight it. The same is applicable to negative thoughts.

Many people find it easier to give in to the negativity than to come out of it. If you want to change your life, then you should learn to accept negative thoughts as your teacher and not your enemy. A person who battles through their storms will easily be able to answer the question – Is negative thinking really negative?

Before you go…

Remember that sometimes, negativity does not originate from internal sources. Sometimes, it takes birth externally. Sometimes, the situations in your life force you to think negatively. Or sometimes, it is the people around you. There are ways to deal with negative people in life and allow positivity to enter your existence. Read on to know how.

6 ways to deal with negative people

There are always some people in your surroundings that are out there to manipulate your emotional state of mind. They try hard to meet their selfish motives and do not hesitate to go to any extreme to do that. Such people often maintain and break their relationships according to their need and requirements. These people are master of deceit and they make use of different emotions to intimidate you. Here are a few simple tips:

Understand the causes and get rid of negativity

When you know that one such person is there in your life that always creates an overtly emotional situation then you must be aware of him/her. No efforts to console and make them happy would certainly make any difference to them. When you are always worried about him/her and he/she takes you for granted, you must make up your mind to get rid of him/her. It is just that you have to give a little more importance to yourself and your feelings. When the other person does not seem to care then you must return the favor.

Forgive yourself and others

Do not hold a grudge against the person but learn to forgive him/her for his/her behavior. This will make you feel liberated. You start feeling good about yourself since you no longer let these toxic thoughts reside in your mind. Admit your mistake that you got into a trap and start giving more importance to those who did not deserve it. However, you are only human who has faults. Forgive, forget and move on in life.

Stop pretending that it is “OK”

If you let such people get away and start avoiding their mistakes they may cost you your happiness and peace of mind. The more you tolerate their behavior and the harder it becomes to get rid of them. Psychologically speaking, their behavior seems to give the desired outcomes when you take it for granted. They would hardly try to rise above something that seems to give positive results. Make a decision and do not let their negativity affect your positive outlook towards everything around you.

Make time for yourself and develop hobbies

Start giving importance to yourself and your needs and requirements. Make time to pursue a long lost hobby or spend time with those who make you feel motivated in life. After a long phase of people with toxic behavior pattern in your life, you need some time alone. Try to focus your attention on productive things that can give a new direction to your life. It helps you feel free from toxic thoughts and give you a feeling of completeness.

Don’t feel guilty

Negative people are good at making you feel guilty when you argue their point or try to push them away. This can make your life even terrible and you start feeling a responsibility towards them, which is another trap. It is true that negative people mostly behave the same with almost anyone. There is no need to feel guilty or responsible for their sufferings.

Discuss with loved ones


It is always good to share your feelings and experiences with a loved one. Keep yourself open to suggestions and do not hesitate to argue the point that seems irrelevant. This helps you get the support you need the most. It is difficult to get rid of the guilt feeling at once, though there is no reason to feel bad about yourself. Give yourself some time to get in touch with your real self.

Don’t let negative people take away your happiness as their toxic behavior patterns can turn you into a pessimist. Don’t hold yourself responsible for anything. When you try to get rid of them, you mean no harm but simply give more importance to yourself.

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