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Restore romance in your bedroom with 14 easy tips

Restore romance in your bedroom

A marriage goes through bad and good phases. There are several reasons why marriages fail but the most basic being lack of intimacy. It becomes very hard for a marriage to survive if there is no intimacy. If romance in your marriage has also dried up, below are some tips to restore romance in your bedroom and life.

The following are tips that you can follow to bring back the romance in your bedroom:

Communicate with your partner


The most important thing to do is to ensure that there is constant communication between the two of you. Be sure to let your partner know how you feel. This helps in sorting out all issues that you and your partner may be going through.

Express your love

Always remind your partner how important they are to you. Show your partner how much you value them by treating them in a special way; you could begin by even cooking their favorite meal.

Introduce adventure in your romance


Create a sense of adventure. If you want to get to know your partner better then you could begin by exploring new things together. This comes in handy in creating stronger and deeper intimacy between the two of you.

Be attentive enough

Pay attention. Life can be stressful and busy which can make you become disconnected. Make time to be attentive about what your partner is going through.

Respect is a classic trait


Treat your partner with respect. Always treat the other person well because it shows them that you appreciate them.

Stare, stare, stare

Stare in each other’s eyes. Face your partner and stare in his or her eyes softly. This brings a deeper connection.

Go on a date

Go on a date

Go out for a date. Take time to spend quality time with your partner.

A massage does the trick

Give your partner a massage. This is very important because it helps you to access your partner’s responsiveness Explore your partner’s body gently.

Switch on your kissing game

Kiss your partner gently

Kiss your partner gently. This makes your partner to get aroused.

Understand the science of lovemaking

Pulse the pubococcygeal muscles when making love. This is done by making back and forth motions to achieve more satisfaction.

Go the classic way

Go the classic way

Simple gestures like getting for your partner some roses or any other gift goes a long way in spicing up your love life.

Make a lovely bed-in-breakfast

Make for your partner some breakfast and take it to them in bed. This shows your partner that you care about their well being.

Praise your partner

Praise your partner

Always give your partner praises when they do something good or positive. Remind your partner about what attracted you to them.

Rekindle the emotional connection

Physical and emotional intimacies go together. You can not achieve any physical satisfaction if you are not well emotionally.

A marriage can never survive if there is no intimacy. Communication is the most important aspect when it comes to bringing back the romance in your marriage or bedroom.

Is the newborn killing your romance?

The birth of a new life brings joy to a couple, a child is not just a reflection of the relationship but it is also the next level to the promises and vows that a couple exchanges in front of the altar. As much as there is a joy with the incoming of a new life on one side, the responsibilities and duties that come along with a kid do consume time. This, in turn, leaves barely any time for the couple to be with each other.

If you are struggling to be a good parent while being a good partner at the same time, read on know to how a newborn can kill your romance and what you can do about it.

Less time spent can lead to a drift

For a relationship to sustain, it is very important that the couple should have time for each other. This can be a little challenging when you have a newborn to deal with. There are many cases where a couple tends to drift away from each other because of the lack of time they share between themselves.

As much as it is important to take care of your child’s needs, it is equally important to give time to your relationship. Even a relationship is a child that requires constant nourishment, love, care and quality time for it to grow. Monetary requirements will always be there, but there is a lot more than just money that can ruin your marriage. Today men and women are equally playing a vital role in ensuring that the house runs well.

As a team, they work together to ensure that all the bills are paid on time and every expense of the house is looked into. Just as how this responsibility is distributed, similarly, the responsibilities of the newborn can also be distributed so that there is enough time devoted to the child as well as for each other.

The common problems faced by couples after the birth of their child

new born If you look at most of the failed marriages, the root of the problem is not because of two people who cannot share the same roof. In fact, it is because the time was not given to each other in the right way. Most of the time, it is one person who goes above and beyond their limit to show that they care, the other person is engrossed with all the responsibilities and chores that they do not have time even for themselves.  Here are some of the most common problems that couples face after a newborn comes into the picture.

They lose their spontaneity

no date nights

The spontaneity in a relationship helps to bring in a surprise element, however, with a child in the picture, it takes a drastic step back. Couples start to compromise on basic activities that helped them to bond such as date nights, surprise road trips, quality time with each other.

The financial burden takes a toll


The incoming of a child means many expenses that you have to look into. Apart from the necessities, you also need to start planning for the future and dealing with the growing expenses and standard of living. Sometimes the burden falls on one person and this, in turn, results to frustration, irritation, and drift between couples.

The struggle of being in power and controlling each other

power game

As a parent, you would want the best for your child. Sometimes this want can take a different toll on the relationships. While on one end both of you may want the best for your child however, the power game of being in control also comes into the picture. The natural tendency of dictating terms comes in and this, in turn, affects the relationship and diminishes the romance in your bedroom.

To be better parents you have to have a happy marriage

In order to be better parents, it is equally important that you have to have a happy and satisfying married life. When you talk about satisfaction, it is not about catering to physical needs or restoring the romance in your bedroom, but also keeping in mind the emotional and wellbeing of your partner in every way.

Just as how it takes two people to bring in life, similarly, it is essential that both the partners play an active role in taking over the responsibilities of caring for their child. By making a few changes, sharing the responsibilities and spending time with each other you can still have the same relationship you share with your partner even after your child has come into this world.

Follow the tips given above to rekindle the romance in your bedroom after you welcome a newborn into your family. Remember, a happy family is based on a happy marriage.

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