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Top 5 emerging holiday destinations to plan for an exciting vacation

Papua New Guinea

In recent times, a novel trend has been observed that there is a substantial rise in interest among tourists to visit destinations that are emerging and previously did not find a place in the hot list. These destinations are a little less developed in terms of infrastructure and staying arrangement, which is quite obvious due to their late exposure to the tourist nevertheless they are pristine untouched by pollution brought in by mounting tourism.

Here, we select 5 such destinations that are just emerging but gathered an appreciable score among the travel enthusiasts.


This freezing cold hub nestled far up in the north is a quite getaway, charming and unique in its own right. The natural splendor would collect heaps of appreciation and to be frank you won’t find another wonderful vacationing destination as this one in the entire planet. Land of awe inspiring glaciers mirroring the sunrays in a wonderful shower of light, Iceland would for certain be a perfect for lovers to spend a romantic weekend. Besides a marvelous scenic treasure featuring black sands, blue hot springs, rocky lava beds and the lush green valleys would be just a start for the long series of pleasant surprises awaiting the hungry eyes of tourists. Iceland is a living legacy of nature where her enormous wrath was fuming back in 2000 when there was a furious volcanic eruption at Mt Hekla. The stunning beauty of Vatnajokull glacier is arresting and would immensely appeal the love birds witnessing its splendor.

Papua New Guinea:

This amazing country located off the northern coast of Australia is certainly an off the beaten tourist hub, which is currently emerging as a popular new find with lots of promises as a tourist hotspot. Despite its treacherous terrain for primarily being a mountainous country, movement becomes difficult nevertheless the idyllic charm of the near primitive greenery more than offsets the trouble involved in a trek. This amazing country has stunning coral reefs that look like a lush marine garden. There are excellent opportunities for adventures like snorkeling and scuba diving. A wonderful combination of sea beaches, forests and mountains make this place a lovers abode. Papua New Guinea offers awesome scopes of interaction with the primitive tribesmen witnessing their traditional cultural festivities and exotic folk dances. Among other popular scenic lures, the Kokoda track stands out prominent which is a narrow strip of land opening up an amazing view of the Owen Stanley mountain range!



Myanmar is also an emerging destination with a steady rise in tourist popularity over the years. Beautiful landscapes and awesome country sides steal the show as does the mountains and impenetrable rain forests of the northern region and exquisite seashores of the south. The brilliant architectural feats express themselves very elaborately in Pagodas or Buddhist shrines. The golden Sheudagon pagoda acquires worldwide fame. Food is great with an exotic local flavor. Myanmar is for sure an upcoming tourist destination for a unique holidaying experience.


With its capital at Ulaanbaatar, this desert country is positioned well in the list of emerging tourist destination. This country is relatively free from the tourist crowd and could very well become your next vacationing destination. The exotic monasteries are great to visit. Visiting the birthplace of the great Mongol invader Chengis Khan would be a memorable and awe inspiring experience! A camel trek across the sands of Gobi Desert would be another awesome experience as would be spending a couple of days in a Yurt with a nomad family. It is basically a historical land with lovely sand dunes and wonderful national parks. The famous Altai range is visible from a distance, and the sight of the Khongor sand dunes is absolutely hypnotic. Besides the grand traditional Naadam festival should not be missed at any cost.


This amazing little hub belongs to the Balkans and is a rising summer destination for the tourists who prefer spending long hours on sunbathed sea beaches. You can very well be one of those lucky tourists soaking in the sun and its shine scattered over beautiful beaches belonging to an extended coast line. The awesome mountain ranges in view offer a jaw-dropping scene that is guaranteed for drawing in intense pleasure. Among a number of splendid sceneries, Kotor Bay is famous, which is a lagoon like water body bounded by a wall of granite and limestone rocks. It is surely a feast for your eyes.

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