Top ways to avoid looking like a typical tourist in your next vacation

Wearing a typical touristy look has its disadvantages that can often create trouble spoiling your vacation. You stand out clearly from the local crowd as a species belonging to some alien land when tourist traps are set around you, and you are identified as a vulnerable person by the not-so-good local folks. The best strategy against assaults and deceptions by local vendors, cab drivers or even fellow tourists is to mingle with the crowd wearing a common appearance and an attitude that would camouflage your identity.

Helpful tips that would teach you how to do away with a typical touristy look are given hereunder:-

1) Never take the map out in public:

You unknowingly do the big mistake of showing ‘I am a tourist’ while you surf through the map in public catching the quick attention of local cheats. You better study the local map inside your hotel room and get acquainted with the place as if you know it like the back of your hand. Never choose a street corner also to study the map. You would at once be identified as a newcomer to the place, and people with damaging intentions will start spinning a web to attain benefits at your expense.

2) Do not wear a lot of jewelry:

You may frown at this idea. But it is safe practice that does not give you a tourist like appearance at all. By wearing expensive jewelry, you might be encouraging burglars and cheats.

3) Take advantage of the hotel concierge services:

It is advised you use the hotel concierge services and let the hotel management know about your itinerary for the day. Any word of caution or advice regarding the safety aspects of a particular destination should be religiously followed.

4) Try to behave like a novice and not like a critic:

When on a vacation, it is quite natural you would face cultural gaps and local customs that might look bizarre. It is natural that the entire world won’t think as you do. Do not criticize or compare practices and customs in a foreign land with that of yours. Differences are natural, and carry the attitude of a student on a constant quest for learning new things and not like a grumbling tourist showing displeasure when faced with deviations from what you have seen at home. Your inability to adjust with these little adjustments would identify you as someone from a distant land.

5) Never look up frequently:

A typical pose of a tourist visiting a new place is to look up frequently and have a glimpse of the surrounding buildings and other structures. It is a typical tourist trademark. So the best thing is not to look up too often and be pinpointed as a tourist.

6) Never to put on shorts and Tee shirts in a city:

Wearing shorts and Tee shirts in a foreign city gives you a typical touristy appearance. Never wear these skimpy clothing specifically where dress codes are important and modesty plays an important role in the society.

7) Learning the local language:

Language is an easy identification mark by which you are marked as a foreigner due to your inability to speak the local language. Learn at least a few commonly used words to make you look like you are one among the local crowd.

8) Buy and wear local clothes:

One great way to blend with the local crowd is to buy and wear local dress. This will conceal your touristy appearance to a great extent. Make sure to carry the dress well to avoid embarrassing situations.

9) Avoid wearing slogans and logos:

Slogans and logos on clothes especially on T-shirts often depict the philosophy and political ideologies enforced in your own country. Wearing these on clothes will at once identify you as a tourist.

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