Energy Anatomy: Healing mind and body by controlling body’s energy flow


Energy or the life force is the foundation of all life. It flows through our body and is responsible for every action we take and for maintaining our health. This life force in yoga is known as “prana.” Prana makes human beings perform everything, from the minute biochemical processes to big physical movements. Yoga offers different beneficial poses, such as Tantra and Hatha poses that help channelize this life flow, so that a person leads a fearless life by increasing, directing, and cultivating spiritual energy.

The Flow of Prana

You can find a captivating and interesting path of the Prana flow that is the source of life. As our body requires the energy to survive, the universe is also loaded with energies that our body absorbs, as in, we get life or our body gets Prana from the food that we eat, the air that we breathe, and all the other positive energies around help us. The “nadis,” present in thousands in our body, help travel Prana to every cell in our body. Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna are the three main nadis that start at the spine base going upwards to the head. The Sushumna nadi goes straight up from the spine to the head, while the Ida and the Pingala nadis crisscross each other and connect to opposite nostrils.

The point where the Ida and Pingala crisscross each other and intersect Sushumna is where chakras are located. These chakras connect with the thousands of minor nadis in our body and enable circulation of Prana throughout our body. Each chakra has a lock on them, which prevents and restricts Prana to flow through the Sushumna, or else Kundalini activates. Hatha yoga is very effective that controls, cultivates and circulates Prana, and enhances your spiritual level, i.e. activate and channel kundalini. The nadis get strength and Prana is circulated in the entire body. Pranayama is a technique that purifies nadis and the bandhas are energetic locks that help concentrate Prana in three main nadis mentioned earlier.

Yoga poses that promote circulation of energy (Prana)

Many people do yoga to get a soothing experience and for relaxation. However, people who know that yoga is a great energizer practice it for energizing themselves. Here are some of the yoga poses that can energize you anytime, anywhere.

Forward Bend to Plank Pose

Placing you palms on the floor, bend your knees and jump your feet back, so that your body is in a pushup position. Take deep breaths, keep your back straight, and repeat the process.

Spinal Flex/Camel Ride

Sit with legs crossed and hold your calves, inhale and lift your chest up. To bring your chin close to chest, round your spine while exhaling. Start slowly and increase your pace steadily to experience release of the blocked energy in the spine.


To many this pose seems like a resting mode doing nothing but relaxing body. However, this pose, looking like you are resting, helps your body to recover from the tiredness of the hard work you just completed doing. It restores the lost energy leaving you full of energy. You lay flat on the mat and feel power coming to all your body parts, releasing tension and the tiredness your muscles are feeling.

Camel Pose to Shoulder Stand

Lie down on your back, bring your hands to your sides, while pushing your arms against the ground, and try to lift your feet up in the air. Make sure to keep your legs straight while supporting your lower back with your hands.

Yoga helps Prana reach every part of our body thus, keeping us all healthy and fit. Prana is life force that we require to exist in this fast moving world.

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