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Tips that pave your path to knowledge and becoming wiser

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We all seek knowledge to make ourselves grow intellectually and improve our lives. There is no shortcut to self-growth than garner more knowledge and skills. While we learn innumerable things through observation, it is not the sole method of encompassing skills of varied kinds. An open mind to a variety of knowledge sources can lead to an extensive development of self. Here are some of the best ways you can start acquiring valuable knowledge that can lead to a better and wiser you.

Develop the habit of reading

reading habit is good

You cannot garner knowledge until you develop a habit of reading. Keep an open mind and grab just any reading source that interests you. You are the one to decide the kind of knowledge you wish to gain. Accordingly, you may pick up some well-written books, journals or magazines. If you want to be more aware of your surroundings, then go on reading newspapers and online sources. If you do not have the knowledge of navigating the Internet, then talk to somebody who can teach this to you. There is a vast knowledge present on the Internet that you may go through.

Involve yourself in exploration tours and travel

Mountaineering (1)

The real world is a great source of acquiring knowledge about all kinds of things. You should try to get more involved in travel and tours that are performed for study purposes. For example, you may gain a good knowledge of religious places and their rituals if you travel to varied places where temples and churches are based. Similarly, you can visit a specific country if you want to feel its culture and know it in depth. You cannot find all the practical knowledge in books. Thus, go places to garner more knowledge and become wiser.

Be positive about sharing your knowledge

sharing knowledge with friends

When you learn something new, do not hesitate in sharing your knowledge with other people. Sharing knowledge can only attract more knowledge in return. When you share your learning with a group of friends or colleagues, they discuss the topic and provide their inputs in terms of the additional knowledge they have about it. Therefore, you learn a lot more about the topic in discussion. This only polishes your existing knowledge and enhances it further. Always remain positively interested in sharing your ideas and learning.

Get involved in healthy discussions


Similar to sharing your knowledge, you should also indulge in healthy discussions with other people. This only lets you know about varied viewpoints of people on a topic. You can form a discussion group online or offline with your friends or can join a community where people discuss on topics of interest. Gaining knowledge from others can help you come out of your comfort zone. Although a good discussion can be a challenge to your existing assumptions, it can be healthy for boosting up your wisdom and knowledge. Healthy discussions also keep your mind active so you read more and participate better every time.

Blog a bit


Writing is another way to give expression to your thoughts. Thus, you may take up blogging as a pastime if you are interested in gaining more knowledge. You can write blogs on anything interesting so readers find it appealing and participate through comments. It may give you good feedback on your existing knowledge and motivate you to learn more. You might also do some online research before writing blogs on a topic. This greatly improves your knowledge on that specific topic. Thus, blogging stimulates your thought process so you go out of your comfort zone to read and know more.


There are varied sources of learning new stuff and acquiring more knowledge. The only thing required is your motivation to study, share and express your knowledge in a better way.

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