Best yoga exercises for enhancing flexibility of your legs


This is no longer a hidden truth today that yoga is quite helpful to enable us live a healthy and of course, a pleasant life. However, some people do have the habit of taking up anything with something special in their mind. Sometimes, it’s for financial gain and sometimes for health. When it comes to health, some do have a hazy picture of attaining a particular body shape or something like that. In this category of health freaks, there are some who want to make their legs look healthy, stout and of course sexy! For such people, here are some yoga postures that can truly be helpful as they help giving your leg muscles quite a nice workout. Let’s find out some effective ways to tone up your leg muscles:

  • Quadriceps: The quadriceps muscle dominates your leg, as it’s located on the fronts of your thighs. Asanas, such as Lunge, Chair and Bridge are quite effective for giving your quadriceps muscle a nice workout. Strong quadriceps aids you in daily activities such as walking, stair climbing and even house cleaning.
  • Hamstrings: The muscle just opposite to your quadriceps is Hamstrings. It’s located on the back of your upper legs. In people who remain glued to their desks at their workplaces, the hamstring muscle remains pressed for quite a long time and this may result in lower-back discomfort, even. Therefore, stretching your legs with yoga may help reduce back pain.
  • Inner thighs: The inner side of your legs is quite crucial for flexible legs. And the more flexible this part of your legs is, more flexible you would be considered. This is quite natural. Asanas like butterfly are quite helpful in enhancing flexibility of your inner leg muscles. Other postures quite beneficial in this connection are Side Angle, Triangle and Warrior II poses.
  • Outer thigh muscles: Upper thighs, if they are not in perfect shape, are often considered as trouble areas for women. Postures like Chair, Bridge and Downward-Facing Dog are quite helpful in providing a nice workout to your outer thigh muscles and enhancing your flexibility. In yoga, flexibility is a necessity. While flexible folks are more likely to lead a healthier life than those who don’t possess those lithe and agile limbs, people who find it difficult to get into a Yoga pose easily may suffer the disadvantages of the same.  Now choice is yours whether you wish to remain young or an old pa.

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