Best Yoga asanas for couples


The Indian legacy of Yoga has grown multidimensional with the passage of time. In the present scenario, yoga is seen not just as a way of excise or wellbeing but much more. In other words, the very concept of yoga has woven itself around human life in a more complex and more vivacious manner. Then why should not we use it as a tool to enhance or sweeten our relations? Yes, you got it right! We mean to boost relations. For that purpose, concept of couple  yoga is there, which not only keeps one motivated for yoga practice but also offers opportunity for couples to stay together as well as perform yoga together. Thus, couple yoga helps cementing the relations, which in the busy life of today, seem neglected.

The concept of couple yoga consists of various asanas that couple could perform together like triangle pose, which provides an intense side stretch to the torso and helps stretch the lower back, alleviating aches and pains here. However, one advantage of this asana is generally missed by most of the people as they tip forward rather than sideways. Practicing against a wall or with a partner can correct this. Well, how do you like the idea of practicing this asana by standing back to back with your partner? Now let’s have a look how it’s performed. Spread your legs wide apart, then extend your arms and hold hands or cover your arms together at the wrist. Thereafter, select a direction of the room where you wish to tilt yourself, while ensuring that your right should be your partner’s left and vice versa. You will both turn your feet in the same direction so that each of you has one foot pointed outward and one foot pointed inward. The little toe side of your foot will touch your partner’s foot on the out-turned side.

Then comes Boat pose, which is very effective to strengthen your abdominal muscles; however, performing it in a wrong way may result in backache, especially that of the lower part. However, if you choose performing it in a couple’s way, then there are far less chances of making this mistake. If you have not exercised in a while, you may want to do some other abdominal strengthening exercises prior to doing Boat, because it can provide a fairly intense challenge.

In addition, to these poses or asanas, there are many other asanas that could be performed by the coupled together like – Plough Asana, karanapirasana,etc. Hence, why not reap the benefits of both yoga and closeness of your partner, together?

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