Yogmudra: One of the most effective and beneficial Yoga Asanas

The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘yuj’ that means disciplining oneself. Asana is another Sanskrit word that refers to sitting. The Yoga Asanas are a combination of different postures and poses which are beneficial for our mental and physical health. Mudra is yet another Sanskrit word which means sealing or closing. There are several different mudras in Yoga. The Yogmudra is one of the mudras, which helps in making the universal energy flow through our body in a certain way that affects different physical and mental activities. From ancient time, Yoga has been a part of the Indian culture and it has been used as a treatment for several health disorders. Even today Yoga is being held as one of the most fruitful and positive ways of enriching our lives.


What is Yogmudra?

Yogmudra is a certain type of Yoga Asana which comes with its rich benefits. The focus of this Yoga posture is on the stretching of the upper part of the body and hands. One has to be extremely cautious as not to stretch beyond one’s capacity as it can hurt the muscles. Breathing in the right manner is another important aspect of this Yoga position. If you are practicing this position, you will have to control your breathing and make it follow the movements of your body.


How to do it?

Following is a step-by-step guide for performing the Yogamudra.

  • You have to sit straight in Padmasana, Vajrasana, Ardha-padmasana or Sukhasana, whichever is best suitable for you.
  • Next you have to move both your hands behind your back and interlock them. This means that you have to hold your right palm with your left palm.
  • After interlocking your hands, you will have to bend the upper half of your body downwards. Touch the ground with your forehead while keeping your spine straight. If the spine is straight then the body stretches properly.
  • Alternatively, you can skip the step before and twist the upper side of your body to your right, and bend to touch your knee with your head. This should be followed by twisting your upper body towards the left side and bending to touch the left knee with your head.
  • When you stretch to touch the ground or the knee, keep your body in that position for about 6-8 seconds.
  • While stretching, move your hands upwards as far as they can go. This will enhance the stretching effects.
  • Breathe out while stretching downwards and breathe in while coming upwards.

What are the benefits of the Yogmudra?

  • This Yoga Asana is good for the health and vitality of the abdominal organs.
  • It tones the belly muscles and reduces tummy fat.
  • It helps in preventing the enlargement of the prostate gland and keeps the uterus in its proper position.
  • People who suffer from constipation are also cured with the help of this Yoga.
  • Moreover, it’s good for the heart and liver and it increases concentration as well.

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