Home remedies for kidney stones

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Kidneys perform an important function of removing the waste material from your body. This helps in detoxification and the wastes are removed in the form of urine. When this process is affected, it can cause stones in the kidneys, which is a painful condition. Kidney stones can cause discomfort in passing urine and pain, which is generally experienced in the back and which may also radiate to the front.

Some natural remedies that can be helpful in cases of kidney stones are


  • Dietary modifications

It is advisable to avoid food that is highly processed, preserved and those containing chemicals. Also potentially dangerous are the aerated drinks and should be avoided. Unhealthy food, particularly when taken at odd hours can affect your system; hence it is essential to maintain proper diet and lifestyle.

  • Basil – Basil is considered good for your excretory system and traditional system of medicine believes that it can help in dissolution or removal of kidney stones. Basil extract in the form of juice can be taken and honey or lemon juice can also be added to it.
  • Fruits – Taking fresh pomegranate juice regularly can not only help in relieving your digestive system but is also helpful for your kidneys. In general taking juicy fruits and citrus fruits can help in detoxification of your body and hence fruits and fresh fruit juices should be included in your daily diet.


  • Vegetables- Coriander is believed to relieve kidney stone pain and can help to fight urinary infections. You can take coriander leaves boiled in water or generously use coriander leaves in your daily recipes. It can be used during cooking as well as for garnishing. Celery or celery seed is also beneficial and can be used as a spice. Dandelion root can also be taken as a kidney tonic
  • Beans – Kidney beans are known to have a curative effect on patients suffering from kidney stones. Beans can be removed from the pods and boiled in water and the water, after cooling can be taken orally in small doses. Adding kidney beans to your salads, eating as boiled sprouts or making curries can be helpful too.
  • Barley – It is a great kidney cleanser. Barley seed extracts or juice can be taken with water and lemon can also be added to it. Barley can also be used a part of whole grain food products.

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