Best Yoga poses to counter and control arthritis

Arthritis is a very uncomfortable condition in which an individual suffers from intense joint pain and inflammation. Most people complain of severe knee pain and cannot walk or move properly. Experienced yoga experts recommend some yoga poses for easing the pain and controlling arthritis. In the following, you will find some amazing yoga poses listed which can curb the effects of arthritis.

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This yoga pose helps in strengthening the muscles in your arms, hips and thighs. It enhances the blood circulation near the knees, elbows and other joints. For ages Veerasana has helped in curbing the painful condition known as arthritis. To practice this asana you will have to first sit on the floor and then stretch forward the right leg. Bring back the right leg just under the right side of your hip. Sit on the toe of your feet. Gently fold the left leg and then placed it on the already folded right leg. Hold your hands in front of your breasts in the Namaste pose.



This is another very beneficial Yoga pose, which is good for curing arthritis. Your fingers, elbows, shoulders, hip joint and the spine will all benefit from the regular practicing of this asana. Gomukhasana also helps in increasing blood flow and circulation around the knees and ankles. You can do this asana while sitting in Padmasana but it is usually done by sitting on the knees. Fold one leg in such a way that the toe of right leg touches the left side of your hip and the toe of the left leg touches the right side of your hip. You will have to touch and hold your hands behind your back while sitting like this. One hand will fold downwards behind the shoulder and another will hold it from behind the waist.



This one is an easy asana practiced to reduce pain in the hand joints and fingers. To practice this asana you will have to stand beside the wall with your palm on it. Press the four corners of your palm firmly against the wall and then start retracting the shoulder muscle in the opposite direction. Also move your body away from the wall and stretch the shoulder and hand.



This asana is beneficial for the spine and hip joint and helps in controlling blood pressure. To practice this asana you will have to lie straight on the yoga mat and fold your legs so that the feet are flat on the mat. Raise your body in such a way that only the head, neck and feet keep touching the ground. Put pressure on the hands for making this possible.


Arthritis is a very painful condition, which you can counter with the help of Yoga poses. Yoga helps in easing the pain and brings back the vitality of the joints.

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