Incorrect yoga mats can be harmful for your body


Yoga mats are commercially marketed to be used while doing exercises. They of course are soft and hygienic; however, they can contain high amounts of chemicals that can be hazardous to health. Right from serious internal health damages to external skin issues, the mats can be a source for many health problems. Some of the reasons why yoga mats are not good are mentioned below:


This chemical present in high quantities in yoga mats cause asthma and other respiratory problems. The World Health Organization has made mentions about its harmful effects. Moreover, it also causes skin problems if exposed by touch. Yoga exercises done on these mats can harm your skin. Cheaper mats often contain several chemicals, including azodicarbonamide. These can drastically increase the risk of skin diseases.


If PVCs are inhaled in high quantities, they can damage the liver and cause cancer. They are carcinogen in nature and hence inhaling such element can be dangerous. Since yoga involves huge amounts of respiration, mats with PVC need to be kept away.


These chemicals have been known to cause cancer, testicular damage, infertility and reduction in sperm count. The other problems include abnormal testicular development and suppressed ovulation. Tests have shown they could cause autism and asthma too. These are particularly dangerous to pregnant ladies as they cause problems to the embryo. Since these mats radiate chemicals, exercising on them brings you close to such health problems.

Heavy Metals

Yoga mats comprise of metals like lead and mercury. Major stalwarts like Issac Newton and Beethoven have died due to mercury and lead poisoning. What more proof do you need of their lethal nature? Moreover apart from being hazardous to health, they are also not eco-friendly. These chemicals are emitted in high quantities during their manufacturing and thus can be dangerous to the workers working in these companies.

Other People’s Germs

Apart from these chemicals, yoga mats also are source to spread diseases such as colds, flu, and skin diseases. Some problems include plantar warts, skin infections, and athlete’s foot. Sharing these yoga mats is not advisable as you might get affected with a health problem for no fault of yours.


Yoga is good for health, but make sure your yoga mat is good as well. Choose a mat that uses high quality materials and is free from chemicals and germs. Yoga can be done on clean floorings too without causing any hygienic problems.

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