Ohosiatsu is a system of medicine that uses physical techniques, exercise and meditation to reduce fatigue and relieve physical and mental tension and aims to bring about a state of balance. In this system, importance is given to a person’s state by feeling the hara, which is the area below the navel. The body energy channels are studied with the movements within, which coordinate with the breathing movements.


This form of alternative healing uses and manipulates energy inside the body and channelizes it for the wellbeing of the person. It includes touch techniques, physical exercises and meditation to bring about the healing. The therapist and the receiver are aligned in synergy and share a special communication to aid the healing process.



In 1944, Ohashi’s was born in Japan near Hiroshima and he had a weak constitution that made him more susceptible to illnesses. Using the techniques of Oriental healing he managed to restore his health and became a strong believer of holistic healing. He then began to practice this philosophy and after completing University studies, he came to the United States in 1970. He founded his school and termed this philosophy as Ohoshiatsu and offered training worldwide.



The main principle that lies behind this therapy is that the healer should be present making connections with both the hands, being continuous, natural and reverent. This therapy aims at maintaining posture, movement and wellbeing of a person. This healing method helps to energize and rejuvenate a person with the way of movement, posture, exercise and meditation.



This therapy is practiced when the client is allowed to lie down on the floor or a mat. The Ohosiatsu therapists moves about and understanding, stretching and exercising the meridians that influence the flow of energy in the body. The healer allows body energy to flow and aims at attaining balance between the energy levels. A strong communication between the healer and the client is achieved to bring about this state of harmony.

There is a combination of hands movements, stretches, gentle exercises and meditation to allow the energy flow.



This therapy is found useful in various ailments like anxiety, headache, joint pain, muscle spasm pain and injury. This helps in a form of deep relaxation that allows the muscles to relax and get relieved from stress and tension that gets trapped in the body. This helps in relieving most of the complaints arising from tensed muscles and stress.

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