Why and how should we celebrate Global Wellness Day on 10th Jun?

Global Wellness Day on 10th Jun

The Global Wellness Day is celebrated on 10th June. It is an occasion to rejoice for reasons not hard to comprehend but you may wonder why and how you should celebrate World Wellness Day.

Considering the facts that

  • A) Globally around 800,000 people commit sucide every year.
  • B) One in four people in the world (around 450 million people) will be affected by mental or neurological disorders at some point in their lives. Think of your three good freinds, if they seems ok, probably you are the one. 🙂
  • C) Today, world’s 5% population suffers from depression.
  • D) Global medical expenses toward chronic diseases is set to reach $47 trillion anytime soon, it becomes imperative for all of us to benefit from the global phenomenon of wellness.

Owing to our hectic schedules that make our lifestyle both complex and complicated, we need to espouse the regime of wellness if:

  • We are trying to do way too much and controlling more than we can manage.
  • We are holding on to things without using them just to prove our social status.
  • We are facing a stiff competition in every simple aspect of life.
  • We are having our tensions and security concerns which have reached even the remotest corners of the globe.
  • We are trying to pose ourselves superior than others, in terms of our religion, nationality, or personal brand, which is a major cause of disturbance.
  • Aren’t we heading towards an era of digital maladies? How Digital technology is affecting human wellness?

Now is the time to break the shackles of these complicacies; and go out to explore the endless domain of wellness that has grown beyond few selected parameters eventually. In all its likeness, wellness is the only solution going forward as it helps us functioning to our maximum potential while maintaining a continuous balance with the environment.

So, I believe we need to follow these two simple Wellness thoughts religiously:

  1. Knowing yourself – Just as charity begins at home, the perception of wellness initiates from one’s own self. It is, therefore, important to know yourself first to realize the domain of wellness.
  2. Harmonious co-existence – Work toward unity, and live in harmony with one another. Avoid thinking you are better than others or wiser than the rest; instead, embrace common people and ordinary tasks.
    Let’s go all-out to realize the dream of Global Wellness by following these principles:

    • Maintaining harmonious wellness with the universe (Planet/Environment) and everything around you.
    • Being harmonious with your “being” – both physical and emotional/spiritual being.
    • Being harmonious with every other element/species/things – People, Social, Cultural, Wellness, etc.

So, this World Wellness Day, I invite all of you to come together to achieve our common goal of Global Wellness – based on better interactions with the environment, surroundings, other human beings and creatures without any ethnic or religious demarcations.

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