Best Yoga poses and stretches to strengthen your hips

strengthen your hips

Tight hip is not only an unwanted physical condition but is the consequence of a bad emotional experience. Tight hip is closely connected with our emotional wellbeing. Let us explore this relation in light of following five elements to bring about clarity in understanding the causal relationship between tight hips and the state of mind in the right perspective:

Causes of tight hips:

 stretches to strengthen your hips

– When we fear the future:
An uncertain future might bother us and we feel like avoiding the thought to explore consequences of our present actions. Front of hips or front body is where we start facing the future head on. Tight hips or hip flexors indicate we don’t feel easy about facing the future.

– When we fear relationship:
Hips are the spot where we store our relationship covering both love and hate kinds. When we are in love we store our romantic energy right here. When we feel the relationship with office boss is strained for competence issues, we start depositing our negative energies right here.

– Physical and emotional trauma:
During childbirth, women take a substantial degree of emotional and physical trauma. All these mental experiences which are far from pleasant settle in the hip region giving a tight hip.

– Our failure to love ourselves:
When we are not being honest with ourselves, we may get tight hips. Here again we are talking about relations. Inability to love ourselves implies an unhealthy relationship.

– Our desire to stick to the past:
The back of the hips is an image of our past.The gluteal muscles at the back of hips get tightened indicating our failure to shake off the past.


Here we go with a few Yoga poses that will be great hip opening procedures to do away with a tight hip:

– Low lunge posture:

You need to stretch out your right leg making sure that your knee is positioned over your heels. Stretch your torso backwards putting both of your hands together at the back of your head. Breathe slow, easy and deep and then switch position and start a repeat with your left leg.

– Pigeon posture:

On a square table position, you can begin with all four limbs. Pull the right knee near the right hand. Place your knees at 60 degrees and stretch left leg back as far as possible. Breathe gently holding in between. Do a repeat with left knee and left hand.

– Recycling twist:

Push out your left leg along the floor and pull in your right knee under the chest. Stretch your right arm out to the side with your palm up and open. Move your hips to the right placing your left hand on the right side of the knees. Place the right knee over the left side of body. Hold your breath and release it easy.

– Lie flat on your back bending both knees holding the outside of feet with hand. Place arms outside on the outdoor of legs. Slowly exercise upper torso strength to force both knees onto the floor underneath armpits. Do this stretching exercise in a relaxed mood.

– Stand on your feet with your legs spread apart. Bend your knees and lower the hips. Try to touch the ground with your fingers and repeat the exercise.

Ankle to knee:

Sit straight. Place the right shin parallel to the front side of the mat. Place the left one over it in a cross manner with the feet laterally placed over your knees. Take deep breath 5 times and slowly bend frontwards with your hands relaxed and stretched out palms touching the ground in a relaxed manner as well. Repeat the same by placing the right shin over the left one.

Half Chair position:

Stand straight with the feet in parallel and the shoulders in line with the hip bones. Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths. While inhaling the 4th time, bend knees with your hips sinking as if you are sitting on a chair. Raise your hands upwards. Now shift your weight to the right leg and place the left leg over the right knee with the left foot placed little over the knee. Take 5 long breaths in this position and repeat the same with the other side.


Try this simplest pose. Stand straight placing the feet wide apart with toes pointing outwards as if the hips are open. Relax your legs and start sinking towards the ground till you reach a comfortable height. At this position, place the elbows horizontally between the thighs pressing the latter slightly. Fold your palms together in the prayer posture. Keep your backbone straight and take 5-10 deep breaths.

Tight hips that arise mainly due to emotional stress can be treated permanently through specific hip strengthening yoga poses. You just need to practice these regularly.

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