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13 To Do Activities on Your Bora Bora , Leeward Islands, Society Islands

Hike to Mount Otemanu

Nestled into the heart of the Leeward group of the Society Island in French Polynesia is the small island of Bora Bora. Thousands of miles into the Pacific Ocean, Bora Bora is a land of rich cultural heritage and magnificent flora and fauna. It is a global tourist spots where thousands of tourists every year come to reside into the French Paradise that can unite their bodies and mind with spirituality.

Amidst them all are adrenaline driving adventure activities that make for an exhilarating week of fun, adventure and revival. Unspoiled beaches, great food and unpolluted environment are all that make this secluded island in the planet an attractive destination. It is also one of the best destinations for honeymoon owing to the seclusion of beaches.

You can indulge in endless to do activities on your Bora Bora Leeward Islands, Society Islands trip that would surely make your heart racing and leave you wanting for more.

13 To-do activities on your Bora Bora Leeward Islands, Society Islands:

1.      Jeep Safari Excursion:

Jeep Safari Excursion

Go inland. Visit the interior of the lagoon with a jeep touching three native villages and the remaining cannons from the World War II era. The whole safari package also includes a fruit tasting session and an informative tour into the pearl farm.

2.      Aqua bike Adventure:

Witness the world below the turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean with this fun adventure sports. A progressive hydraulic platform immerses the one manned scooter into the bottom of the lagoon with another experienced diver. This gives you the opportunity to look up to your kingdom as well as the surrounding one through a fish eye vision.

3.      Submarine Dive:


Take a submarine ride into the rich marine life and vibrant coral reefs under the beautiful Bora Bora lagoon. Turtles and moray eels are the biggest attraction and very rare to spot altogether. Other lives such as a stingray, lemon shark, damsel fish, etc. are also sighted.

4.      Boat Rental, Boston Whaler:

A 2-hour long tour in your private boat will take you to untouched territory of pearls and coral gardens and even give you the opportunity to swim with the sharks and stingrays.

5.      Hike to Mount Otemanu:

Hike to Mount Otemanu

The black rugged slopes of this volcanic peak can be viewed from anywhere in Otemanu. Though the peak reaches 2385 feet, you can only hike to its base and that too with the help of a local guide. The hike is simply fascinating owing to the picturesque landscape covering lush forests and the azure lagoon below.

6.      Enjoy the Matira Beach:

Located at the southernmost tip of Bora Bora, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with a mile-long stretch of white sand. Lined by plam trees against a great backdrop of lush green hills, you will find the ideal spot to unwind and relax. Being the only public beach in this island, its access is free and worth visiting. Do not miss swimming and snorkeling. Ideal place to spend time with kids and family.

7.      Aqua Safari:

Aqua Safari

Imagine walking under the Pacific Ocean with nothing but a swimsuit and a helmet to breathe. Find yourself surrounded by marine lives of all shapes and sizes. This 2 hour tour into the hearts of the lagoon gives you an insight into their territory of joy.

8.      Glass Bottom Boat Tour:

Wouldn’t it be fun to witness the underwater world of Bora Bora without getting wet? Bora Bora Glass Bottom Tour also provides you with an opportunity that could sail you through the pages of history of this island nation.

9.      Jet Ski Adventure Sports:

Jet Ski Adventure Sport

It’s fun? Check. It’s adventurous? Check. It’s scary? Double Check. Jet Ski adventure sport is everything you have ever wanted to do and even more. Race against time and watch the beautiful Bora Bora islands pass you by as you enjoy the cool waters of the lagoon.

10. Kite Surfing:

Trained personnel will train you with the essentials of this session as well as equip you with all the safeties. But whatever it is, kite surfing is something that shouldn’t be missed.

11. Parasailing:


Get a bird’s eye view of the whole island as you sail over the turquoise waters of the Pacific and realize that for whatever its worth, you have experienced it all.

12. Exploring Tahiti Pearl Market:

Tahitian pearls are the most sought after things in the world. The pearl market is a family business selling locally harvested pearls for jewelry settings. You can select the choicest pearl among thousands and have them set in the jewelry in the way you wish.

13. Lagoon Fishing:

Lagoon Fishing

Bring home fishes like jack, rainbow runner, needle fish, etc. from the calm waters of the lagoon. And what’s more is that here; the fishes won’t test your patience.

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