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Underground vacations could be an intensely thrilling experience. The anticipation of what could lie ahead on your way through a shroud of pitch dark environment would certainly give you goose bumps. Could prehistoric animals and other potential threats lying in wait pounce upon you from the godforsaken abysmal hell hole? The possibility of the foreboding would give a mix of chill and thrill. Inspired by the legendary work of Jules Verne “Journey to the Centre of the Earth”, underground trips could be as exciting if not more as those done above ground.

Here are some stunning underground destinations that you could add them to your wish-bucket for 2015:

1) Puerto Princessa, Philippines:

The underground cave river of Puerto Princessa is located in the western provincial island of Palawan, Philippines. However, the exact situation of this awesome river to be precise is in Barangy Sabang just slightly more than an hour’s journey on land from the town of Puerto Princessa. A 15 minute ride on motor boat cutting across the rippling waters would drop you to the caves if you start your voyage from Sabang port. The most exciting part of the expedition would be the 1.5 km paddle boat cruise through the intensely dark cave for almost an hour. Visiting the cave during rush season could pose problems getting your convenient schedule to explore them. The underground destination is too wonderful for words to describe and the river cruise is simply amazing. Here you have a close and unrestricted view of the natural rock formations, the stalactites and stalagmites that you studied in your geography text way back in childhood. This is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and a UNESCO world heritage site. It is terrifyingly pitch dark inside the cave, and that adds to the intensity of the thrill of the underground cave expedition.

2) Cooper’s Peddy, Australia:

This is an underground world in the truest sense providing shelter to miners and citizens those who have chosen to live a subterranean life, and this beneath the earth’s surface dwellings are called dugouts. Cooper’s Peddy mining quarries had been famous for mining opal gem and hence known as the Opal capital of the world. The rugged outback and picturesque landscape had been a fitting background for movie shoots especially films like Pitch Black and Ground Zero need a special mention in this context. Other attractions of this mining subterranean refuge are chick eateries, hotels, grass less golf course and a wonderful art gallery.

3) Underground City, Canada:

This underground city has a unique appeal of its own. Judging by the standard of a full fledged city providing modern facilities to its residents, this city would fall far behind but the amazing maze of its interconnecting causeways and tunnels form a complex pattern connecting this underground city’s major theatres, bars, restaurants and museums. Way back since 1962, this place had been the largest subterranean marketing complex of global repute having gorgeous shopping malls and eateries. To avoid unfavorable climate above ground, the pedestrians often opt to come down underground for a comfortable shelter.

4) Kaya Makli, Turkey:

This underground destination in Turkey is historically a significant site believed to be greatly affected by Alexander’s invasion. Kaya Makli holds the distinction of being the largest area in Turkish Cappadocia region and had come into existence from the time the Hittites had initially set their foot into the city. The underground city of Kaya Makli offers huge storage spaces for stocking wine and food. A community kitchen exists down in the basement as does separate units dedicated to worship of deities revealing that underground residents of Kaya Makli were god-fearing. During the time of assaults by enemy troops the residents took refuge in the underground cellars.

5) Dixia Cheng, China:

Just beneath the city of Beijing lies the subterranean enigmatic city of Dixia Cheng secluded from the enemy eye holding so closely guarded secrets of dark cellars that would only baffle the visitors to the city. The underground city offers huge storing facilities for preserving grain and wine. It also displays the untiring group efforts by its residents to build such a private hideout far far away from all and sundry to discover.

6) Derinkuyu, Turkey:

The origin of this underground city is buried in enigma. The city is sculpted in a rather complex design, and since 1963 this underground city has simply fascinated tourists for being the deepest subterranean city in the Cappadocia region providing shelter to the Christians in the event of religious battles against Moslem Umayyad and also against Roman invasions. A close inspection of the underground city of Derinkuyu reveals that its inhabitants were not only driven by religious fervor but were also intellectuals, shrewd negotiators and cunning traders.

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