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Top vacation destinations you do not believe can even exist

The Wisteria Tunnel

You would definitely repent if you do not visit certain places scattered across our awesomely beautiful earth. These enigmatic and stunningly wonderful places should never be missed from a tourist’s itinerary. There is no denying of the fact that the world we live in is endowed with incomparable splendor. There are a number of hidden gems of landscapes and natural rock formations, a plethora of weird and yet a fascinating mix of flora and fauna that leaves us gobsmacked.

You really won’t believe these heavenly places actually exist on earth unless you make a visit to these astonishingly wonderful places. Here we go with an enlistment of some places which are too good to be true:

1) The Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens, Kitakyushu, Japan:

This pastel colored tunnel in Kawachi Fuji gardens is so captivating it looks like a direct lift of some fancied ferry land. Nearly 150 Wisteria flowering plants covering about 20 different species exist in this garden blooming in dazzling shades of white, purple, blue, violet and pink. These beautiful plants have added a dash of hue and elegance to the Wisteria tunnel. The entire ambience in and around the tunnel is too good to be true and too heavenly a place to exist on earth.

2) The Tunnel of love, Ukraine:

This wonderful tunnel in Kleven in Ukraine is an amazing experience to be felt in your lifetime. It is a 3 Km stretch of railway track that straight heads towards a fireboard works. The beautiful trees on either flank of the tunnel makes a green corridor the splendor of which could not just be described in a few words of appreciation. The tunnel has primarily appealed the lovebirds, married couples, artists and photographers for its stealing beauty. It is firmly believed lovers and couples passing through this tunnel making sincere wishes would be heard and granted as well.

3) The Crooked forest in Poland:


This forest would certainly surprise you beyond imagination as all the tree trunks in this amazing straight out of fairyland forest are bent towards the northern direction. This peculiar feature is being explored by experts for a rational explanation. However, this crooked forest is surrounded at the periphery by a secondary forest comprising of pine trees that grow erect and straight. This rather strange forest is located close to Gryfino in North West Poland. The crooked forest is still an enigma numbering around 400 trees that were planted way back in 1930.

4) Mount Roraima, Venezuela:


The table top mountains of Pakaraima range in South America is possibly the most primitive of geological rock formations buried in time dating back to an astounding more than two billion years. Mount Roraima in Venezuela with its all magnificence and glory is considered the most famous peak in this mountain chain of some of the most outstanding and old geological whims. The landscape is blessed with mind-boggling beauty that would enchant the tourist instantly leaving a permanent impression of bliss in mind.

5) Door to Hell, Turkmenistan:

This flaming hell hole offers an intense inferno that was once supposed to be a natural methane gas lift effort initiated by a team of a Soviet natural gas drilling team back in 1971.Something went wrong, and owing to a technical snag the gas rig blew up leading to a heavy leakage of poisonous methane gas directly from the pit. To arrest further damage, the team set the leaking gush of poisonous gas flame hoping the entire supply would burn out in a few hours. But that was only the beginning as the lashing flame still burns bright menacingly over a 230 ft wide crater infamously known as the Door to Hell near the village of Deweze in Turkmenistan. This eternal flaming crater draws a large influx of tourist every year who would never believe such a hell on earth could ever exist unless seen through their own eyes.

6) Chand Baori Well, Rajasthan, India:

This well built in Abhaneri village near Jaipur in Eastern Rajasthan way back in the 10th century is simply an unbelievable sight unless witnessed firsthand. The landing steps to reach the water surface go on for an eternity and they are 3500 in number. Dug into the earth having a depth of 30 meters comprising of incredible 13 floors, this well was an effort by the local rustic population to find an answer to the perennial water scarcity issue in the region. This incredible well is a tourist’s delight.

7) The stone forest of Madagascar:

This incredible stone forest that is a great source of tourist attraction is located in Tsingy Du Bemaraha nature reserve in the eastern coastal strip of Madagascar. Spreading over an area of 666 sq km this stone forest comprising of mammoth sized rocks and a wonderfully conserved orchard of mango trees is a UNESCO world heritage site. The landscape offers an exotic charm with a number of features that do not present a rationale.

8) Ice Canyon, Greenland:

This is the most frequented tourist spot in Greenland for its incredible and imposing ice structure that runs into a heart stopping depth of about 40 meters. The melting ice from the rock solid iceberg runs rivulets of water emptying into turquoise rivers, and this is something that would certainly catch your appreciating eyes arresting your sense of beauty.

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